Upcoming Guests


Upcoming Guests

Meir Schneider – Breaking Illusion
(January 12, 2017) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) Whooh! BACK AGAIN ... today we'll talk about "Breaking the Chains of Illusion" with Meir, as he snuffs out beliefs that keep us from healing! Meir thank you for your awesome gift of research you have brought to humanity--a quilt of many colors nurtur ...(full article)
Mahala Gayle – Roto-Rooter Frequencies
(September 15, 2016) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available)
Mahala delivers the latest astrologically with these heavy energies swirling about on Mother Earth on Thursday LIVE at 2pm PT (Pacific Time). These chan ...(full article)
Stephen Dinan – “Sacred American”
(July 7, 2016) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) Our guest, Stephen Dinan is the author of "Sacred America, Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All." This book has the power to shake things up for the better. Stephen has been doing great things for years, leading organizations such as Shift Net ...(full article)

Recent Guests

Karen Ashley – Dowsers Conference
(June 21, 2016)

(no picture available) Our Guest, Karen Ashley shares a high-class way of pulling up one’s intuition no matter what age you are. This upcoming EVENT that Karen will be ...(full article)
Pouline Middleton – 1 Woman 3 Men –
(May 17, 2016)

(no picture available) One Woman Three Men written by Pouline Middleton ... Sounds Kinky? It is! This unusual investigative authors latest book set ...(full article)
Thomas Carey – Children of Roswell
(May 10, 2015)

(no picture available) Thomas J. Carey’s latest book co-authored with Don Schmitt … The Children of Roswell: A Seven-Decade Legacy of Fear, Intimidation and Cove ...(full article)
Francesca Thoman – A Tesla Channel
(April 19, 2016)

(no picture available) Author Francesca Thoman shows through her work that Nikola Tesla is still engaged with humanity and remains fascinated with the nature of the universe ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – 10 Steps: Natural Vision
(April 11, 2016)

(no picture available) Yeah! in May, the second edition of Meir’s book Vision for Life: Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement is being released. This ...(full article)
Micheline Nader – The Dolphin’s Dance
(April 05, 2016)

(no picture available)
At 16, Micheline Nader fled a worn-torn country, fatherless and bankrupt. She personally transformed her life through cons ...(full article)
Margaret Ann Lembo – Vibrational Healing
(March 22, 2016)

(no picture available) Margaret Ann Lembo's newest book: The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing an A-to-Z guide to ...(full article)
Sela Weidemann – Rocks-Heal
(March 8, 2016)

(no picture available) Brilliant like Tesla with her skill in Rock Medicine ... Sela talks about how ROCKS-HEAL; it's a Science. Sela Weidemann is brilliant and exact in ...(full article)
James Redfield – Synchronicity –
(February 9, 2016)

(no picture available) What does it take to sustain an ongoing synchronicity in one's life? James Redfield will be speaking about 'The Twelfth Insight - Entering the Mira ...(full article)
Dr Todd Ovokaitys – DNA Quantum Leap
(February 15, 2016)

(no picture available) Bending Time and Your DNA ... Whooh! how does one wrap their head around that one? Dr Todd Ovokaitys talks about communicating with your DNA and aw ...(full article)
Paul Barbaro – Two Shamans & a Healer
(February 4, 2016)

(no picture available) "We Heal as Tribal Groups!"  What a powerful statement. Let's find out what that means exactly. Author, health researcher and a real hands-on-heal ...(full article)
Emmanuel Dagher – “Easy Breezy Prosperity”
( January 12, 2016)

(no picture available) Emmanuel Dagher is a highly sought after Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Teacher and a humanitarian who is devoted to assisting people and the pl ...(full article)
Dr. Toni L. Rivera – Intuitive Listening!
(January 6, 2016)

(no picture available) She was a whirlwind of a doctor. The only chiropractor on a remote part of Puerto Rico, she was inundated with patients, many of whom were out of pain ...(full article)
Barbara Marx Hubbard – Conscious Evolution
(January 5, 2016)

(no picture available) Frankly, we get emotional when Barbara shows up; it's just downright exciting to watch her wield her visionary strategies, enthusiasm, perseverance th ...(full article)
Linda Howe – The Records of Your Soul
(December 29, 2015)

(no picture available) Linda Howe's new book just published by Hay House ... 'Discover Your Soul's Path Through The Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordina ...(full article)
Mary Rodwell – The Star Children
(December 16, 2015)

(no picture available) We'll be talking about "The Star Children" today with Mary Rodwell. Mary's research shows while many "Star Children" sometimes called "Indigos" have t ...(full article)
Dr Edwige – You’re Not Crazy-You’re Awakening
(December 1, 2015)

(no picture available) Dr Edwige’s book "You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening" – is a trail blazer to discovering your Soul’s purpose, Joy and Abundant ...(full article)
Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul
(November 24, 2015)

(no picture available) Have you ever experienced being a Hitchhiker? Perhaps we all have at one time or another and we're not referring to sticking our thumb out. It’s cer ...(full article)
Tom T Moore – back with Readers ?s
(November 17, 2015)

(no picture available) Stay tuned!!! ... head here and call in with your questions: (347) 633-9155 This most informative and brilliant author Tom T. Moor ...(full article)
Michael Maloof – Grid System in Danger?
( Nov. 10, 2015)

(no picture available) Michael Maloof – Our Power Grid (August 14, 2014) Published on Aug 10th, 2014 by F Michael Maloof. Have you ever thought what would happen if ...(full article)
Dr Susan Shumsky – Awaken 3rd Eye
(November 3, 2015)

(no picture available) Order Dr. Susan Shumsky’s NEW Book “Awaken Your Third Eye” TODAY from Amazon.com, and receive $100’s in free Bonus Gifts from famous authors: ...(full article)
Ann Roman, Psychic
( October 27, 2015)

(no picture available) When on-air with Ann Roman, Psychic Medium, the phones ring off the hook. You may have experienced her precise deliverance … if not, you’ll be ple ...(full article)
William J. Hall – True Poltergeist Story
(Oct. 20, 2015)

(no picture available) What may be the most notorious and most terrifying poltergeist haunting of recent decades, the Bridgeport poltergeist was seen and heard by thousands ...(full article)
Tom T Moore – ? Atlantis and Lemuria ?
(October 13, 2015)

(no picture available) Tom Moore has done it again; it's truly captivating what took place on Atlantis and Lemuria; technology and cultural achievements. If you only read ...(full article)
Candace Talmadge – Contact Other Side
(June 17, 2015)

(no picture available) The Afterlife Healing Circle--How Anyone Can Contact The Other Side ... this is the title of Candace Talmadge's latest book and it se ...(full article)
Tiffany Crosara – Your Wheel of Fortune
(October 6, 2015)

(no picture available) Psychic Medium ... Tiffany Crosara … lives life to the fullest! She's an award winning facilitator, award winning TV intuitive, award winning Aut ...(full article)
Mahala Gayle – New Earth Frequencies
(September 28, 2015)

(no picture available) Today there'll be FUN FUN FUN with Mahala Gayle the master of peering into the crevices for in-depth investigation of what’s being delivered by our ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Igniting Eyesight
(September 22, 2015)

(no picture available) Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT has been making regular global news since 2007 when he was announced as one of the Top Ten Most Inspirational Israelis on a p ...(full article)
Kimberly Braun – Love Calls
(August 31, 2015 )

(no picture available) Kimberly Braun explores and exposes life with its many riches in her book: Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite Nun. ...(full article)
Mireille Mettes – MIR-Method
(August 18, 2015)

(no picture available) Lectures worldwide ... Mireille Mettes, Holistic Therapist, invented the MIR-Method that resets genetic patterning that touches every aspect of one's ...(full article)
Gary Sinclair – Healing in Seconds!
(August 4, 2015)

(no picture available) This week we've had a magnificent journey to spend a couple of hours with Gary Sinclair on two separate Skype sessions experiencing the download that ...(full article)
Candace Talmadge – Shift Specialist
(July 28, 2015)

(no picture available) For weeks now this year feels as though we've been capsized, released and brought to a new perspective on life--raising us to a whole other level! Som ...(full article)
Fran Shaw PhD – Unrelenting Humor
(July 14, 2015)

(no picture available) With unrelenting humor, Fran Shaw's new book - Lord Have Murphy - tells the tale of 'Murphy' giving it a try, only to discov ...(full article)
Mas Sajady – Go Within to Silence
(July 6, 2015)

(no picture available) Last time we spoke about Quantum-Leap Healing. Today we'll have Mas speak more about ... going WITHIN to SILENCE! Mas Sajady’s two near-death exp ...(full article)
Dr Susan Shumsky – Awaken 3rd Eye
(June 30, 2015)

(no picture available) Order Dr. Susan Shumsky's NEW Book "Awaken Your Third Eye" TODAY from Amazon.com, and receive $100's in free Bonus Gifts from famous ...(full article)
Tom Moore – Thrilling Ride Universally
(June 17, 2015)

(no picture available) Tom has stretched with continuous open arms to capture his thrilling ride about the truth of our world and other Universes as well ... lucky for us he ...(full article)
Sheldan Nidle – Earth’s History Flight
(June 9, 2015)

(no picture available) For twenty + years now … I’ve watched our Guest, Sheldan Nidle (even in my livingroom at home) knock on doors we have not even thought of knocking ...(full article)
Jasmina Agrillo Scherr – Your Soul Light
(May 26, 2015)

(no picture available) Jasmina's book ... "Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart" ... Have you ever wondered, woken up in the dark of the night, longing for something yo ...(full article)
Dr Ibrahim Jaffe – Blending Medicine
(June 19, 2015)

(no picture available) A powerful and dynamic standalone Sufi physician with a traditional medical education--blending new methods that unfold to allow individuals for a nat ...(full article)
Dana Micucci – “The Third Muse”
(April 28, 2015)

(no picture available) Dana Micucci is poised with capturing the love for mankind along with the exuberance to live life to the fullness in every expression she delivers. ...(full article)
Julia Schopick – Honest Medicine
(April 14, 2015)

(no picture available) We take an amazing journey with Julia Schopick as she empowers and opens doors for Honest Medicine that supports people with health choices. Her work ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Wide-Eyed Amazement
(April 7, 2015)

(no picture available) Sharing Meir with our listeners is like giving the world a piece of candy, because the precision he delivers brings wide-eyed amazement every single t ...(full article)
Zach Polsfuss – Higher Brain Living
(March 31, 2015)

(no picture available) Release Your Full Potential!!!  Zach Polsfuss introduces us to a higher brain living which will tap the unused part of our brains and eliminate stres ...(full article)
Trenace Rose – Akashic Alphabet
(March 24, 2015)

(no picture available)

Trenace Rose shares with her Readers that a conscious, metamorphic shift is taking place in our dimension and each soul ...(full article)

Mahala – Rockin’ n Rollin’ n Sleepin’
(March 17, 2015)

(no picture available) Every single time like clockwork ... Mahala Gayle educates us in how everything correlates ... cause she believes there is really a master plan in act ...(full article)
Kim Bloomer – Animal Talk Wellness
(March 10, 2015)

(no picture available) Kim Bloomer, C.V.N.D., N.D. is a certified Animal Naturopath as well as being certified in small animal nutrition, with years of experience in animal ...(full article)
Mandara Cromwell – Acoustic Meridian Intelligence Therapy
(March 3, 2015)

(no picture available) Would you like to learn how you can 'flip-a-switch' to regain health, beauty and vitality using the latest sound frequency technology ...(full article)
Mas Sajady – Quantum-Leap-Healing
(February 24, 2015)

(no picture available) Mas Sajady's two near-death experiences (NDEs) opened the veils for him way beyond his expectations. Thank goodness Mas stepped forward as 'Pure Sourc ...(full article)
Lee Carroll & Kryon – 9 Attributes of the Human Being
(February 5, 2015)

(no picture available) Lee and the Kryon Team continue to visit world-wide multiple times a year with (full article)
Joanna Garzilli – Unleash The Psychic In You
(January 27, 2015)

(no picture available) Nurturing and empowering humanity with a plethora of skills in every single area of daily needs ... Joanna Garzilli, we applaud YOU! Joanna Garzill ...(full article)
Stewart Pearce – A Voice of Truth
(January 23, 2015)

(no picture available) Stewart Pearce - Psychic Medium ... A Search For A Voice of Truth ... From early days living in London, Stewart Pearce felt called by sound, partic ...(full article)
Dr Todd Ovokaitys – Wake-Up Your DNA
(January 20, 2015)

(no picture available) Bending Time and Your DNA ... Whooh! how does one wrap their head around that one? Dr Todd Ovokaitys talks about communicating with your DNA and aw ...(full article)
Sunny Johnston – “Love Never Ends”
(January 19, 2015)

(no picture available) Sunny Dawn Johnston is an internationally renowned psychic medium, teacher, author and motivational speaker. Since early childhood, Sunny has always k ...(full article)
Temple Hayes – “When Did You Die?”
(January 15, 2015)

(no picture available) "When Did You Die?" is a bestseller in the making that propels Temple Hayes into the media spotlight as the global spiritual leader she truly is. She ...(full article)
Neale Donald Walsch – In The Great … ‘WHAT IF’?
(January 8, 2015)

(no picture available) Neale says, "IT'S NOT A SMALL THING to be wrong about God. And, if nearly everyone on the planet is wrong about God, it's really not a small thing." ...(full article)
Meg Blackburn Losey PhD – Children of Now Evolution
(January 15, 2015)

(no picture available) Dr. Meg is a Master Healer and Medical Intuitive. She is a seer and visionary. Always open to the unknown and new possibilities, she loves to learn by ...(full article)
Tom North – “Yours, Mine and Ours”
(January 1, 2015)

(no picture available) Have you ever seen the classic movie,"Yours, Mine and Ours"? It's a heartwarming story of a blended family: 18 adorable children with Lucille Ball and ...(full article)
Renee Mollan-Masters – You Are Smarter Than You Think!
(December 18, 2014)

(no picture available) GOOD NEWS! Students reported they had success beyond their wildest dreams in studying with Renee Mollan-Masters technique. Huge leaps have been made i ...(full article)
Ann Roman – Psychic! 925.998.7187
(November 20, 2014)

(no picture available) When on-air with Ann Roman, Psychic Medium, the phones ring off the hook. You may have experienced her precise deliverance … if not, you’ll be ple ...(full article)
Janai Mestrovich – Grandma Boom @ 65!
(November 13, 2014)

(no picture available) This dynamic Author, Performer, Teacher and Change Agent Janai Mestrovich aka Grandma Boom ... is Feisty, Alive and a Shaker at 65!  and lifts life t ...(full article)
William J. Hall – True Poltergeist Story!
(October 30, 2014)

(no picture available) What may be the most notorious and most terrifying poltergeist haunting of recent decades, the Bridgeport poltergeist was seen and heard by thousands ...(full article)
Heather White – Who Pays the Price?
(November 6, 2014)

(no picture available) Heather White is presently a Network Fellow at Edmond Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University. She is also President of New Standards, a consultin ...(full article)
Patricia Cota-Robles – ‘Beings of Light’
(October 23, 2014)

(no picture available) We are truly ALL ONE!  Each time we've attended one of Patricia's events ... her words penetrate deep within every single cell as she speaks bringing ...(full article)
Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst – Mind to Soul
(October 9, 2014)

(no picture available) In Rev. Judy's new book: A Conversion From Mind to Soul … not only does she gives us the opportunity to respect the mind, but she also impa ...(full article)
Roberta Grimes – The Fun of Dying
(October 16, 2014)

(no picture available) Roberta is a business attorney, novelist and speaker based in Austin, TX, who had two extraordinary experiences of light as a child that propelled her ...(full article)
Tom Paladino 20K Pathogens Dismantled
(September 25, 2014)

(no picture available) We'd like to see Tom Paladino a household word! AND, here's the STORY! Tom literally dismantles pathogens in the body quickly and painlessly through t ...(full article)
Patricia Albere – Higher Communion
(September 18, 2014)

(no picture available) Stepping to a new rhythm ... Patricia Albere a spiritual teacher, founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and co-author of MUTUAL ...(full article)
Roberta Goodman – Dolphin Adventures
(October 2, 2014)

(no picture available) Have you ever dreamt about swimming with Dolphins or would you just like a personal experience? Our Guest, Roberta Goodman is here with us today, a ...(full article)
Lee McCormick – NEW BOOK! Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag
(September 11, 2014)

(no picture available) Tipped with a higher LOVE TOUCH … Lee opens his arms to all and says, “Just as I have learned how to behave from my parents and the world around m ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Health Empowerment – 3-Day Retreat
(August 28, 2014)

(no picture available) Known worldwide with an EMPOWERMENT unmatched ... Meir holds your hand, and within minutes you experience a therapist that has been blessed with the s ...(full article)
Michael Maloof – Our Power Grid
(August 14, 2014)

(no picture available) Have you ever thought what would happen if our grid system went down? Retired policy analyst for the Department of Defense for 23 years, Michael Ma ...(full article)
Mahala Gayle – Heightened Intuition
(August 21, 2014)

(no picture available) What's up for August, Mahala? Investigative astrologer, writer, lecturer and minister has smuggled some time just for us to share with you. She's take ...(full article)
Carolyn Gervais – Our Soul Path?
(August 7, 2014)

(no picture available) Charting your Soul's Path ... how exciting is that? We're ready Carolyn! For the past 30 years Carolyn Gervais has helped soul searchers to underst ...(full article)
Karen Garvey – Conduit to Universal Knowledge
(July 31, 2014)

(no picture available) Karen L. Garvey, MBA was rooted in a business field with extensive experience. Then on that 9/11 day ... everything shifted within her entirely. Becau ...(full article)
Bonnie Greenwell – Kundalini Awakens
(July 24, 2014)

(no picture available) Dr. Bonnie Greenwell shares her two newest books with us ... "The Kundalini Guide" and "The Awakening Guide." These ...(full article)
Sheldan Nidle – Gaia Wraps & Lifts
(July 17, 2014)

(no picture available) Presently many individuals are in discussion about Common Law verses Admiralty/Martime Law our present system ... and they've indicated that it will t ...(full article)
David Christopher – The Holy Universe
(July 10, 2014)

(no picture available) David certainly has the pulse of LIFE captivated in his new book:  The Holy Universe His master piece tells the story of humanity in a wa ...(full article)
David Young – Romantic Pied Piper
(July 3, 2014)

(no picture available) In the past 3 years, George Harrison of the Beatles has been contacting and appearing in David Young's life ... a Grammy nominated song writing musici ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Teacher’s Teacher
(June 19, 2014)

(no picture available) People travel from all over the world to have Meir work with them. He is the Teacher's Teach. We know that Meir has the Midas Touch ... he simply walk ...(full article)
Dana Carpenter – Masters’ Teachings
(June 12, 2014)

(no picture available) This week I received a journey that was delivered worth a million golden rays and few words. I felt 'Divinely Renewed' and now ready for action. And, ...(full article)
Emmanuel Dagher – ‘Healer’s Healer’
(June 5, 2014)

(no picture available)

Are we ready for healing transformations? Right now, I'm hearing a big YES! from all of our listeners, and that includes us to ...(full article)

Susan Liberty Hall – Cancer Choices!
(May 29, 2014)

(no picture available) NThey say, 'Laughter is the best medicine.' If that's true, then it's so important that we use laughter to lessen the fear and horror of hearing these ...(full article)
Arjuna Ardagh – Better Than Sex
(May 22, 2014)

(no picture available) Punctuate your days with greater freedom as you explore within to a deeper depth and to a higher height! Better Than Sex: The Ecstatic Art ...(full article)
Patricia Cori – Real-Life Indiana Jones
(May 8, 2014)

(no picture available) A best-selling author and a real-life Indiana Jones ... Patricia Cori tips the scales in highlighting life with an energy that is catching!  A former ...(full article)
Carol Ashlin – Soul Integration
(May 1, 2014)

(no picture available) In the summer of  2006, Carol experienced a 6-week period of mystical experiences that completely altered her view of reality and the path set before ...(full article)
Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy
(April 24, 2014)

(no picture available) As you can see below Jim walks with a foot in both-worlds. Get a glimpse on how Jim mastered Alchemy ... it's called being thrown into the river, then ...(full article)
Rev Thabiti – Personal Time-Map
(April 17, 2014)

(no picture available) We feel like we've captured Superman who has lit a light to life, zipping and unzipping time-lines delivering support to each individual who takes a p ...(full article)
Tom Paladino – Dismantling Pathogens
(April 3, 2014)

(no picture available) What would it be like to receive healing through the airwaves ... AWESOME!  at our household we've been supported outrageously well with Tom Paladino ...(full article)
Jacqueline Ripstein – Art of HealingArt
(March 27, 2014)

(no picture available) Jacqueline takes us into a deeper layer of art than I have ever experienced ... it truly nourishes one with no boundaries. She has literally made the ...(full article)
Pamala Oslie – Your Greater Self +
( March 20, 2014)

(no picture available) Acclaimed aura reader, psychic, radio show host, author, and speaker Pamala Oslie is living proof of the profound shift that is occurring in human con ...(full article)
JoyceAnne Pierce “Yes I Can Succeed”
(March 13, 2014)

(no picture available) This Royal Goddess has a passion and is always on the cutting edge ... with laughing and playful tools that easily boots you to safety quickly, and ge ...(full article)
Ann Robina – LIVE Readings!
(March 6th, 2014)

(no picture available) She's back! Humorous - Upbeat - Accurate ... Clients love her internationally! Her Angels and Guides bridge with your Higher-Self and a precise delive ...(full article)
J. Angus Munro – Sculpting Time!
(February 27, 2014)

(no picture available)

When I came upon Angus's work I was spell bound; it stopped me in my tracks, because I could feel his spiral energetics pulsing t ...(full article)

Nicolle M. Meade-Izzi – Our Bee Friends!
(February 13, 2014)

(no picture available) If you are concerned about the decline of our bees and other pollinators, this is the show for you. Nicolle M. Meade-Izzi, author of "The H ...(full article)
Deana Bagley – Deana and the ELs
(January 30, 2014)

(no picture available) Deana and the ELs' mission is simply to share the message of Loving Self and Others ... bringing a JOY that allows the recipient to get excited about ...(full article)
Deborah Rozman PhD – Bouncing Back!
(January 30, 2014)

(no picture available) Award winning author, Deborah Rozman Ph.D.  has multiple titles indeed, and sparks the steps of many individuals simply by helping them to remember i ...(full article)
Gregg Braden – ‘The Turning Point’
(January 23, 2014)

(no picture available) Gregg's touching lives like never before and in his new book--connect with the answers! 'The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of E ...(full article)
Linda Moulton Howe – Truth Exposed!
(January 16, 2014)

(no picture available) For years, Linda has tipped the scales in exposing mystery after mystery.  Now it's Gobekli Stone Mystery & ETs and she doesn't ...(full article)
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GOOD NEWS! A ‘Tazz Touch’ – LOVE Frequency Capabilities
(no picture available) Hi! Everyone... Over the last few days ... I've realized that some emails continue to project thoughts that are really quite harmful in nature to n ... (full article)

Shifting Insight! 5D Brain, Body & Soul Alignment ~ by Tazz
(no picture available) I awoke early, but remained in bed for a while ... my thought process bantering over past and present trivial input; consciously I caught my brain-rep ... (full article)

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(no picture available) Lucky me! Last weekend I visited the Point Reyes area on the coast of Northern California. The landscapes are truly breath-taking. I excitedly took a ... (full article)

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Guest Blogs

Happy New Year! 2016 (Wayne Dyer message)
(no picture available) Here's to a most Spectacular 2016 New Year!
Bahia Brunelle – “Community Spirit”
(no picture available) Bahia LOVES LIFE and PEOPLE ... and so eloquently moves you with stories you cannot drop once you've embarked upon them--her words literally capture y ... (full article)
Tribute to Dolores Cannon – (October 18, 2014)
(no picture available) Such an incredible continuous journey Dolores Cannon shared with us all; she blazed trails we never even thought of and inspired us to look within at ... (full article)
Tribute to Dr. Masaru Emoto (October 17, 2014)
(no picture available) Today, Dr. Masaru Emoto a renowned scientist was released from Mother Earth's Family into God's arms, October 17th, 2014.  His beloved wife was with ... (full article)
Bonnie Greenwell – Internal Deconstruction
(no picture available) We could hardly wait to share Bonnie Greenwell's great article.  Bonnie has used two words 'Internal Deconstruction' within her write-up and we thoug ... (full article)
Gregg Braden – ‘The Turning Point’
(no picture available) This book is an honest and factual account of the extremes in our world that are creating a 'new normal' in our lives. It's because mainstream media a ... (full article)
Chaotic Nodes Escalating – Tom Kenyon
(no picture available) Tom Kenyon as always is on top of what is taking place. He says there is an escalation of our current Chaotic Nodes ~ explains a lot about how the sun ... (full article)
Brilliant Researcher Lloyd Pie Dies
(no picture available) Brilliant Researcher and Author Lloyd Pye dies but his 'Starchild Project' lives! Friends, Family and Colleagues we are so very thankful for Lloyd's i ... (full article)
B.T. Brunelle – 91.5 FM a ‘Soul’ Radio Station
(no picture available) It's so amazing and energizing how life keeps evolving ... Everyday is a New Day! and you even have a 'New Day' rest ... (full article)
Tom Moore – New Book – FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET (out Sept 2013)
(no picture available) For 25 years Tom has communicated telepathically .... Here's the first paragraph below in his recent Article about his New Book: FIRST CONT ... (full article)

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