Upcoming Guests


Upcoming Guests

Michael Maloof – Our Power Grid
(August 14, 2014) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) Have you ever thought what would happen if our grid system went down? Retired policy analyst for the Department of Defense for 23 years, Michael Maloof, warned of the dangers of an EMP attack. Aligning w ...(full article)
Mahala Gayle – Heightened Intuition
(August 21, 2014) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) What's up for August, Mahala? Investigative astrologer, writer, lecturer and minister has smuggled some time just for us to share with you. She's taken the reigns and pulled them up tight seeing more in-depth to the upcoming events for August and hop ...(full article)
Carolyn Gervais – Our Soul Path?
(August 7, 2014) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) Charting your Soul's Path ... how exciting is that? We're ready Carolyn! For the past 30 years Carolyn Gervais has helped soul searchers to understand the meaning and purpose of the different aspects of their soul’s mission in this particular li ...(full article)
Karen Garvey – Conduit to Universal Knowledge
(July 31, 2014) (12:00 - 1:00pm)

(no picture available) Karen L. Garvey, MBA was rooted in a business field with extensive experience. Then on that 9/11 day ... everything shifted within her entirely. Because on that day, she "received" in that simultaneous moment, information that something had occurred ...(full article)

Recent Guests

Bonnie Greenwell – Kundalini Awakens
(July 24, 2014)

(no picture available) Dr. Bonnie Greenwell shares her two newest books with us ... "The Kundalini Guide" and "The Awakening Guide." These ...(full article)
Sheldan Nidle – Gaia Wraps & Lifts
(July 17, 2014)

(no picture available) Presently many individuals are in discussion about Common Law verses Admiralty/Martime Law our present system ... and they've indicated that it will t ...(full article)
David Christopher – The Holy Universe
(July 10, 2014)

(no picture available) David certainly has the pulse of LIFE captivated in his new book:  The Holy Universe His master piece tells the story of humanity in a wa ...(full article)
David Young – Romantic Pied Piper
(July 3, 2014)

(no picture available) In the past 3 years, George Harrison of the Beatles has been contacting and appearing in David Young's life ... a Grammy nominated song writing musici ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Teacher’s Teacher
(June 19, 2014)

(no picture available) People travel from all over the world to have Meir work with them. He is the Teacher's Teach. We know that Meir has the Midas Touch ... he simply walk ...(full article)
Dana Carpenter – Masters’ Teachings
(June 12, 2014)

(no picture available) This week I received a journey that was delivered worth a million golden rays and few words. I felt 'Divinely Renewed' and now ready for action. And, ...(full article)
Emmanuel Dagher – ‘Healer’s Healer’
(June 5, 2014)

(no picture available)

Are we ready for healing transformations? Right now, I'm hearing a big YES! from all of our listeners, and that includes us to ...(full article)

Susan Liberty Hall – Cancer Choices!
(May 29, 2014)

(no picture available) NThey say, 'Laughter is the best medicine.' If that's true, then it's so important that we use laughter to lessen the fear and horror of hearing these ...(full article)
Arjuna Ardagh – Better Than Sex
(May 22, 2014)

(no picture available) Punctuate your days with greater freedom as you explore within to a deeper depth and to a higher height! Better Than Sex: The Ecstatic Art ...(full article)
Patricia Cori – Real-Life Indiana Jones
(May 8, 2014)

(no picture available) A best-selling author and a real-life Indiana Jones ... Patricia Cori tips the scales in highlighting life with an energy that is catching!  A former ...(full article)
Carol Ashlin – Soul Integration
(May 1, 2014)

(no picture available) In the summer of  2006, Carol experienced a 6-week period of mystical experiences that completely altered her view of reality and the path set before ...(full article)
Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy
(April 24, 2014)

(no picture available) As you can see below Jim walks with a foot in both-worlds. Get a glimpse on how Jim mastered Alchemy ... it's called being thrown into the river, then ...(full article)
Rev Thabiti – Personal Time-Map
(April 17, 2014)

(no picture available) We feel like we've captured Superman who has lit a light to life, zipping and unzipping time-lines delivering support to each individual who takes a p ...(full article)
Tom Paladino – Dismantling Pathogens
(April 3, 2014)

(no picture available) What would it be like to receive healing through the airwaves ... AWESOME!  at our household we've been supported outrageously well with Tom Paladino ...(full article)
Jacqueline Ripstein – Art of HealingArt
(March 27, 2014)

(no picture available) Jacqueline takes us into a deeper layer of art than I have ever experienced ... it truly nourishes one with no boundaries. She has literally made the ...(full article)
Pamala Oslie – Your Greater Self +
( March 20, 2014)

(no picture available) Acclaimed aura reader, psychic, radio show host, author, and speaker Pamala Oslie is living proof of the profound shift that is occurring in human con ...(full article)
JoyceAnne Pierce “Yes I Can Succeed”
(March 13, 2014)

(no picture available) This Royal Goddess has a passion and is always on the cutting edge ... with laughing and playful tools that easily boots you to safety quickly, and ge ...(full article)
Ann Robina – LIVE Readings!
(March 6th, 2014)

(no picture available) She's back! Humorous - Upbeat - Accurate ... Clients love her internationally! Her Angels and Guides bridge with your Higher-Self and a precise delive ...(full article)
J. Angus Munro – Sculpting Time!
(February 27, 2014)

(no picture available)

When I came upon Angus's work I was spell bound; it stopped me in my tracks, because I could feel his spiral energetics pulsing t ...(full article)

Nicolle M. Meade-Izzi – Our Bee Friends!
(February 13, 2014)

(no picture available) If you are concerned about the decline of our bees and other pollinators, this is the show for you. Nicolle M. Meade-Izzi, author of "The H ...(full article)
Deana Bagley – Deana and the ELs
(January 30, 2014)

(no picture available) Deana and the ELs' mission is simply to share the message of Loving Self and Others ... bringing a JOY that allows the recipient to get excited about ...(full article)
Deborah Rozman PhD – Bouncing Back!
(January 30, 2014)

(no picture available) Award winning author, Deborah Rozman Ph.D.  has multiple titles indeed, and sparks the steps of many individuals simply by helping them to remember i ...(full article)
Gregg Braden – ‘The Turning Point’
(January 23, 2014)

(no picture available) Gregg's touching lives like never before and in his new book--connect with the answers! 'The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of E ...(full article)
Linda Moulton Howe – Truth Exposed!
(January 16, 2014)

(no picture available) For years, Linda has tipped the scales in exposing mystery after mystery.  Now it's Gobekli Stone Mystery & ETs and she doesn't ...(full article)
Laurie Reyon & Puddah communicate with Dolphins & Whales
(January 9, 2014)

(no picture available) Laurie Reyon is an internationally known Interspecies Communicator and Soul Healer.  Reyon’s gift allows her to speak to the animals and the Angels ...(full article)
Allen Anderson – A Dog named Leaf
(December 26, 2013)

(no picture available) Allen and his wife Linda Anderson are Pet-experts, keynote speakers and authors of a series of books about the spiritual relationships between people ...(full article)
Elizabeth Baker – Writer & Filmmaker
(December 5, 2013)

(no picture available) Award winning writer and filmmaker, Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker ignites life! She worked on eleven independent films in Los Angeles before writing and dir ...(full article)
Jill Mattson – Power in Voice Change
(December 5, 2013)

(no picture available)

Sound Expert, Jill Mattson simply tips the scales ...(full article)

Dr Susan Shumsky – Ghost Whisperer!
(October 31, 2013)

(no picture available) Come with us as we meet a real-life Ghost Whisperer! and we'll be doing it on Halloween. Dr Susan Shumsky is an award-winning, best selling author and ...(full article)
Michael Eastwood – Awaken with Crystals
(October 17, 2013)

(no picture available) Michael's new book: 'Unfolding our Light' offers a structured hands-on approach to personal, group and collective initiations support ...(full article)
Andre Ferrella – Intelligence and Light
(October 17, 2013)

(no picture available)

Andre Ferrella a visionary ... who has combined his brilliance and magic into the creation of his Spirit Box artistic works.(full article)

Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso – Walking for Peace; an Inner Journey
(October 10, 2013)

(no picture available) Walking for Peace was an inspiring story about two friends who were frustrated with the rat race and decided to abandon it and agreed to the challenge ...(full article)
Mahala Gayle – New Earth Birthing!
(October 3, 2013)

(no picture available) Sharing the latest on planetary updates ... New Earth Birthing! Three islands have popped up. Mother Earth is carrying us into new adventures and new ...(full article)
Cynthia Sue Larson – Aura Advantage
(October 3, 2013)

(no picture available) Back by popular demand ... Cynthia's books and research grab the reader and literally won't let them go! The knowledge and real stories discussed in h ...(full article)
Maureen Healy – Keys to Indigo Kids
(September 26, 2013)

(no picture available) Maureen, WOW! what a great eye-opening GIFT you have presented for anyone who is nurturing Indigo  Children while they are on their journey learning ...(full article)
Scotty Bruer – Peace Now!
(September 19, 2013)

(no picture available) Today and many tomorrows, Scotty is the driving force of the http://www.PeaceNow.co initiative to build a communi ...(full article)
Lee McCormick – Dreaming Heaven
(September 5, 2013)

(no picture available) Touching Life like never before! Lee McCormick was born into a tribe of movers and shakers living on the edge and out-loud. In his awesome JourneyBook ...(full article)
Athena Demetrios – Soul Seasoning
(August 29, 2013)

(no picture available) As author of The Seasoning Of A Soul ... Athena's spiritual life research has brought her to the opinion that, 'The more she ...(full article)
Dr. Katherine Kelly – Soul Health
(August 15, 2013)

(no picture available) Let's face it. We all have something to heal-a broken heart, a broken bone,  a broken job or a broken home. (full article)
Michael Tellinger – African Temples
(August 15, 2013)

(no picture available) A real-life Indiana Jones here!  Michael Tellinger is an author, scientist, explorer making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished ...(full article)
Jill Mattson – Manifesting Energy
(August 8, 2013)

(no picture available) Tripling your manifesting capabilities is easy by using sound. This is such great news! Jill has written four books and numerous magazines have pub ...(full article)
Jeremy Taylor – Dreamtime Wisdom
(August 1, 2013)

(no picture available) Learn to appreciate the wisdom of your dreams. Jeremy's discoveries reveal how dreams can help us better understand our past, provide resolutions to o ...(full article)
James Twyman – Million+ Signatures
(July 18, 2013)

(no picture available) A New Movement is afoot by founder James Twyman of   The Beloved Community  a network of spiritual peace ministers around the worl ...(full article)
Madeleine Walker – Animal Communicator
(July 18, 2013)

(no picture available) Pioneer goddess Madeleine Walker  unique in her work with animals and humans, helps to resolve past life traumas. She works internationally runnin ...(full article)
Jill Mattson – Healing Sound Composer
(June 20, 2013)

(no picture available) Jill Mattson lectures throughout the United States sharing her “Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing” - taking followers on an exciting journey reveali ...(full article)
Dr Darren Weissman – Power of Love
(June 13, 2013)

(no picture available) Today's show is to our Children's future and the future of Humanity. YES YOU CAN! create that magical doorway to your future with the Power of Infinit ...(full article)
Lilo Ccoyllor – The Shaman Light
(June 6, 2013)

(no picture available) Just shared a cozy and delectable lunch with Holistic Healing Shaman, Lilo. The dynamic energy she brings forth reflects where she resides is Cusco, P ...(full article)
Aluna Joy – Star Elders Messages
(May 30, 2013)

(no picture available) Today we will be talking with Aluna Joy Yaxkin. She is a Star Messenger, Earth Oracle, Soul Reader, Sacred Site Junkie and was literally born awake in ...(full article)
Ester Nicholson – Soul Recovery
(May 30, 2013)

(no picture available) Ester Nicholson realized that the traditional 12-Steps could only take her so far, but it was the blending of a deeper, more engaged recogniti ...(full article)
Richard Moss – Rekindle Your Zest
(May 23, 2013)

(no picture available) Yes, you can rekindle your zest for life! Join us with world-renowned consciousness teacher and healer, Richard Moss in an exploration of presence in ...(full article)
Vincent Genna – Psychic-Medium
(May 16, 2013)

(no picture available) Acclaimed psychic-medium, Vincent Genna will share with us today his experiences of being bullied in his childhood, working in movies, Grease and how ...(full article)
Meir Schneider – Improve Eyesight
(May 9, 2013)

(no picture available)

YES, this is a fact! Meir is certainly on top of how to re-connect tissues regarding eyesight at any age. He says, "You do not ha ...(full article)

Dr Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing
(May 2, 2013)

(no picture available) Reconnective Healing is reconnecting new ways of instantly healing. It is expanding the consciousness and accelerating the awakening of more and more ...(full article)
Peggy Black – Sculpt Your Reality
(April 18, 2013)

(no picture available) SOUND, is an Alchemist Tool to Sculpt Reality! What a thought! Whooh! Capture these moments from 12-1pm Thursday with Peggy B lack as she brings aware ...(full article)
Dieter Hagenbach – Discovery of LSD
(April 18, 2013)

(no picture available) Mystic Chemist: The Life of Albert Hofmann and His Discovery of LSD  is the authoritative biogr ...(full article)
Rabbi Wayne Dosick PhD – Inner God
(April 11, 2013)

(no picture available) In his stunning new book ... The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of God, Rabbi Wayne Dosick has been called the Spiritua ...(full article)
Drunvalo Melchizedek – Global Heart
(April 4, 2013)

(no picture available)

What can we do to prepare for both a rapid global change and ascension at the same time?

(full article)

Peter Canova – Awakening Spirit
(March 28th, 2013)

(no picture available) Peter Canova has written a trilogy entitled The First Souls, concerning the first awakening of spirit into materiality in the form of human consciousn ...(full article)
Christa Lancaster and Marc Bregman – Archetypal Dreamwork
(March 21, 2013)

(no picture available) Powerful dream threads can mesmerize one for hours, days or even a lifetime when they arrive; now there’s a way to journey to the depth of our soul ...(full article)
Bonnie Buckner – Wisdom of Dreams!
(March 14, 2013)

(no picture available)
Everyone Dreams ... and just what are your dreams sharing with YOU? ...(full article)
John Seeley M.A. – Creative Change!
(February 28, 2013)

(no picture available) Our Guest, John Seeley, renowned Life Coach and bestselling author of GET UNSTUCK, helps people all over the globe identify key issues in their lives ...(full article)
Anthony McGettigan – Flow with Life!
(March 7, 2013)

(no picture available) Producer and host of the Vibrational Voyage ...(full article)
Jim Berkland – Shake! Shake! Shake?
(February 14, 2013)

(no picture available) We could cuddle up a little more on Valentine's Day ... as we discuss possibilities of earth shakes. Earthquake forecaster (full article)
Dan Millman – Peaceful Warrior
(February 07, 2013)

(no picture available) Dan's thirteen books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, have inspired and informed millions of readers in 29 languages worldwide. The ...(full article)
Jean Houston, Co-Create Higher Purpose
(July 12, 2012)

(no picture available) Jean Houston is an American scholar, lecturer, author and philosopher active in the "human potentials movement". She has been an adv ...(full article)
Swami Kriyananda – Book Launch
(June 7, 2012)

(no picture available) Swami Kriyananda speaks about his upcoming American launch for his new book, Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography on ...(full article)
Conversation with Michael Beckwith
(February 2, 2012)

(no picture available) Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, author of ...(full article)
Interview with David Icke
(October 21, 2010)

(no picture available) David Icke Declares "Human Race, Get Off Your Knees" at Marin Center International best-selling author David Icke will be making his only West Coas ...(full article)
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Guest Blogs

Bonnie Greenwell – Internal Deconstruction
(no picture available) We could hardly wait to share Bonnie Greenwell's great article.  Bonnie has used two words 'Internal Deconstruction' within her write-up and we thoug ... (full article)
Gregg Braden – ‘The Turning Point’
(no picture available) This book is an honest and factual account of the extremes in our world that are creating a 'new normal' in our lives. It's because mainstream media a ... (full article)
Chaotic Nodes Escalating – Tom Kenyon
(no picture available) Tom Kenyon as always is on top of what is taking place. He says there is an escalation of our current Chaotic Nodes ~ explains a lot about how the sun ... (full article)
Brilliant Researcher Lloyd Pie Dies
(no picture available) Brilliant Researcher and Author Lloyd Pye dies but his 'Starchild Project' lives! Friends, Family and Colleagues we are so very thankful for Lloyd's i ... (full article)
B.T. Brunelle – 91.5 FM a ‘Soul’ Radio Station
(no picture available) It's so amazing and energizing how life keeps evolving ... Everyday is a New Day! and you even have a 'New Day' rest ... (full article)
Tom Moore – New Book – FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET (out Sept 2013)
(no picture available) For 25 years Tom has communicated telepathically .... Here's the first paragraph below in his recent Article about his New Book: FIRST CONT ... (full article)
This Fourth of July ~ by B.T. Brunelle
(no picture available)


This Fourth of July my eyes will ... (full article)

Swami Kriyananda – Astral Universe
(no picture available) This video was uploaded after Swami Kriyananda's transition on April 21, 2013. We enjoyed it so much that we'd love to share it with everyone. He talk ... (full article)
In Loving Memory of Swami Kriyananda (1926-2013)
(no picture available) A prominent and respected global spiritual leader, Swami Kriyananda, 86, passed away on April 21, 2013 in Italy of natural causes. The charismatic fou ... (full article)
Kryon’s Solution for North Korea
(no picture available) Lee Carroll channels Kryon of Magnetic Service ... and here is what Kryon shared ...  this is excerpted from the channeling. (full article)

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