Interview with Gene Pascucci (August 5, 2010)

Dr. Gene Pascucci, a successful 57-year-old Reno, Nevada, dentist — and mystic! — has written an intimate and inspiring, autobiographical “personal search for Jesus and God” book that belongs in every spiritual seeker’s library. In “What If We’re Him?  There’s Something Going On Here – The Transformation of Spirituality” , Gene tells his story of growing up in a Catholic household, confronted at an early age by guilt and doubt, and his subsequent 47-year search for a personal spiritual truth that would ultimately set him free, providing redemption, resurrection, and a new life.

Gene Pascucci’s  book is a doorway for anyone who has been seeking, like Gene did, for additional information, answers, and perspectives. For people seeking to make the shift from faith and dogma to knowing firsthand. “Jesus’s message wasn’t about Himself,” notes Gene Pascucci, “but rather about each and every one of us. What if the entire Christian story is actually a metaphor for our own universal human journey?

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