Interview with Chandra-Shekar (08/28/2008)

I was so inspired to read the praise from Chandra-Shekar’s sister Usha Vijayarajan … in how her brother’s music affected her.

How do you feel after reading her comment below?

She says; “Being Indian, and living in India, I have grown up listening to the chants of the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri is an intrinsic and indelible part of every Hindu home. Hindu religious ceremonies are incomplete without the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra. So I find it not in the least surprising that there are so many versions of this Mantra, sung, or recited, by numerous artistes.

The very first time I listened to Chandra-Shekar’s rendition of the Gayatri, I was caught completely off-guard. I had not anticipated the myriad emotions I would feel throughout the chanting. The sheer simplicity and purity of his rendition moved me to tears; the hypnotic resonance of his voice against a background score that can only be described as soul-searching, brought to the surface memories long forgotten. I thought of loved ones who had departed and felt their loss all over again.

But it was also incredibly cathartic, because at the end of Chandra-Shekar’s chanting of the Gayatri, I felt an indescribable and overwhelming sense of peace.

Never has any other version of the Gayatri Mantra moved me as much as his rendition of it. Now, whenever I think of the Gayatri, I think of him.

I am so very, very proud that Chandra-Shekar is my brother.

Usha Vijayarajan
Bangalore, India”

We’ll look forward to finding out more about Chandra-Shekar’s childhood stories. The history of Gayarti Mantra, what is means, and what the myriad of benefits are to listening and becoming one with it.

~ Tazz

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  1. Tazz, thank you for sharing Chandra-Shekar’s story and music on air. It’s amazing what one man’s journey can contribute to humanity. I will look forward to hearing the interview again!

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