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Sauntering toward a health goal is not the way I like to progress-swiftness is my energetic stance! How about you? What form of health care one uses whether allopathic or alternative may vary according to what stages an individual is in. Sometimes one could use both, which is a progressive way already being used in some European countries for many years; in one area the acupuncturist comes in and works along side the allopathic physician in the hospital … thus supporting the bodies stability and energy during the operation. Just recently an individual crossed my path that needed heart surgery, his approach was to receive ayurvedic therapy before his surgery which added stability and strength to his body before the operation. His outcome was excellent! Unfortunately, the previous heart surgery he had one year prior almost lead to his death … so guess what, this time he decided to approach his health in a different way. It was definitely successful. YES!

Do you work consistently on a daily basis to maintain your health, so that you can feel the best of the best as your birth years swing by like a bird without asking you first? Well like many people, my mind is continuously searching for the most efficient path to explore that brings consistent growth in preserving and if possible advancing my health. Personally I like to approach subjects with a positive but inquisitive mind with health concerns.

Paula and I would like to invite YOU to blog with US, sharing your insights to better health … come along to the health party! So when you run across a health tip that would advance someone a stronger hold on their life, feeling better than they do presently-drop us an email at: – blog in this section – let’s share with our readers – you’d be surprised how you can make a difference in someone else’s life!

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