Reta Mellberg ( January 28, 2010)

Artistically and as a Designer Reta is a Gifted Channel, who has brought forth absolute, amazing drawings of many of the advanced and loving Beings from the greater galactic community. To Reta’s surprise, these portraits have triggered in many people memories from their own abduction experiences and the recognition of many of these Beings.

Reta realizes that she has been given an incredible Gift, with her Alien Art, which helps others to remember, and it brings credibility to their experiences and a Face to their unknown/known visitor in the night to TAKE AWAY THEIR FEAR. She says, that these Beings are Loving Beings here to watch over their Children, and to Educate us all so that we may one day join the greater galactic community.

As difficult as it has been for many years Reta has been right on the edge coming forward to share with others … she is an “Experiencer” and “On-going Contactee” with her many UFO and abduction experiences. Recently, Reta has faced what she calls a “Modern Day Witch Hunt”, lasting 18 months, with the Court system during a Child Custody case over her Daughter. She is just one of countless “experiencers” and “contactees” around the world, who for many reasons stay suffering and fearful in silence, feeling alone and not knowing where to turn. She is now here to open the door for others and has come forward to talk about her experiences, encouraging people to “Keep talking.” We really need to applaud her for all the work she has done.

Take a moment on her bio page to check out her ET drawings. They are incredible!

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