A Parallel Reality that Pleases YOU!

When you realize there are parallel realities in existence all around us, you understand that it is very possible for no two people to have the exact same experience as it relates to what we call “REALTY” even though they could be standing right next to each other.

If you allow THE EFFECT of all of the negative data to be absorbed into your mindset, i.e.., the media – news stories, articles, the Internet, the corporate industry, religion, government policies, laws, so-called education, society‚Äôs ethics, morals, standards – and the like, what’s considered right and wrong, etc. You have then relinquished YOUR SPIRITUAL CONTROL and have focused on nothing more than lower-level VIBRATIONAL activity, which has purposely been orchestrated by the dark (the elite) because they know and have PROVEN it works. That is how our world has been constructed, based on separation and competition. This keeps you in a mental space of concern, worry, sadness, distress, and most importantly FEAR! Even if you say to yourself, “I’m not afraid of anything; I just like to be aware.” Understand that if you even ponder THAT IT EXISTS, it is still accepted as a possibility of something that could happen. That is your ENERGETIC VIBRATION, and The Universe returns to you exactly what YOU put out! No exceptions.

So… Use your Divine Power to focus on only that which brings you happiness, pleasure, joy, and peace of mind instead of focusing (even a little bit) on that which is merely PRESENTED TO YOU, which YOU then internalize as a “possibility,” and as an end result, YOU have accepted it as part of YOUR reality, which in turn shows up in your experience because YOU’VE ALLOWED IT, and YOU created it..

When you choose a PARALLEL REALITY that pleases you, that is the actual “REALITY” that you as a Sovereign Being will live!!! GUARANTEED! So that which is unwanted, and not desired BY YOU to experience, PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT, GIVE IT ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOUR FOCUS! Then FOR YOU, IT WILL NOT EXIST!

Although it may be very real to someone else and exist in THEIR EXPERIENCE … IT WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT APPLY TO YOU! This is FACT…

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