The Psi/Siddha Arts

I want to thank all of you who tuned in!

Would love to hear from anyone out there, whether you heard the show or not.

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  1. I am interested in invisibility. Does it work and how does it work? For example, say I am interested in a woman and would like to approach her but I am feeling a little intimidated. I would initially like to get in proximity to her without being noticed or giving her the impression that I am staring at her.
    Also, there have been times when walking at night alone in an unfamiliar area where it would have been useful not to be noticed by the wrong people or crowd so I could get to my car safely.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks initally for blogging. To answer your question, invisibility works as a shield for times where you wish to not be seen. Often, it is protection in unsafe areas or countries. The popular media view of it comes
    from the Harry Potter movies where Harry used an invisible cloak. Oddly enough, science has developed such a cloak recently. It is made of a substance (a meta-material) that refracts (bends) light in the opposite direction and when used it renders the object (or person) unseen.

    I will be training people in the art of true invisibility, once they’ve mastered it through practice.

    So, presumably, once you have mastered the art, you would no longer be intimidated to approach an interesting woman without shielding!


  3. Hi Alijandra. I recently attended a talk by a gentleman who claimed that he could teleport. Of course I was a little skeptical but it did arouse my interest. I am assuming it is true after going to your website but do have several questions.
    For one, is there a procedure or exercise one can learn. Also, how important a role does belief play. The aforesaid individual stated that it is important to believe that it can be done.for it to work. Finally, how long will it take to master this art to the point where it can become practical for purposes of travelling around the world at will?

  4. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for writing. Yes, there are a few people out there in any given time period who have had the ability to teleport by will. Spontaneous teleportation is much more common and appears more random.

    I have brought forth from Spirit a technique which will help facilitate the experience of teleportation when practiced diligently and with integrity. Belief in it is absolutely essential as the person said. Even if the skill is attained, lack of belief will probably shortcircuit it. I don’t have a specific time period where one can guarantee the experience of teleportation. For some, they seem to come into this life with the ability largely intact and ready to go. Others will practice a lifetime, and still may find it elusive. Probably the majority will fall somewhere in between those parameters. Anyway you look at it, practice will enhance your spiritual progress and probably bring other abilities to the forefront you didn’t know you had.

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