Athena Demetrios – Soul Seasoning (August 29, 2013)

As author of The Seasoning Of A Soul … Athena’s spiritual life research has brought her to the opinion that, ‘The more she knows, the more she knows nothing. She says, “she is a student of life as we all are, and that we are part of a collective consciousness that is making a huge shift; no man is an island, that all life is a part of life.

We are waking up to the fact that there is more life out there than what we have been taught is the only form of existence. The veil is thinner and other realities are making themselves known to us. Not to come forward and save us, but helping us wake up to the possibility of other life forms in existence. More life to explore! UFO-the unidentified foreign object within ourselves. Identify that, as Doctor Peebles says, and life will take on a different color and a different vibration.

I have received countless communications telepathically, drawings, and encounters. For the greatest part, I have tried my best to approach these experiences with a sense of wonder and awe; as a result, it has taken me in a complete different direction than fear.

For thirty years she has been a student of the I AM Teachings of Saint Germaine and other Ascended Masters.

She now makes her home in Northern California and travels frequently facilitating workshops in higher consciousness.


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