Dr Susan Shumsky – Awaken 3rd Eye (November 3, 2015)

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Dr. Shumsky unwraps a mystical self-empowerment program … just for YOU!

– Learn to meditate and to contact the divine presence directly, without going through a middleman.

– Learn how to listen to the “still small voice,” the voice of God within, and receive clear inner divine guidance, at will, anytime you want.

– Use that profound spiritual connection in everyday life to solve everyday problems, and receive divine guidance, love, healing, wisdom and inspiration.

– Test whether your inner guidance is the “real thing” by using a powerful, proven, Ten Test system.

– Experience the love, light, and presence of God directly, at will, whenever you want.

– Receive mystical experiences and messages from Ascended beings of light.

– Heal any blockages standing in your way.

– Anyone can do this. Dr. Susan Shumsky has never had a failure with any student who has a sincere desire to learn.

– Begin to manifest your deepest heartfelt desires and fulfill your divine purpose and destiny.

– Find solace and comfort within your own heart of hearts. The indwelling presence is your comforter and protector. Be at peace in divine love.

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