B.T. Brunelle – 91.5 FM a ‘Soul’ Radio Station

It’s so amazing and energizing how life keeps evolving … Everyday is a New Day! and you even have a ‘New Day’ restart button that you can push anytime of the day to change the screen of your life to ignite a new vision. Our Heart is always so happy to share another one of Bahia’s incredible Poems written just for our 91.5FM KKUP radio station … simply reminding our listeners what a wealth of transformational education they have at their fingertips to inspired their Souls.


A hand turns the radio dial with the precision of a pilot

aiming to make a smooth and strategic landing.

While eagle eyes are glued to the frequency numbers of their destination,

eager fingers slip and miss their mark,

swerving into the cacophonous air space of commercial broadcasting.

Bombarded by canned music, subliminal advertising and slanted news stories,

the flight is about to meet its end, when it is saved by a sudden flick of the wrist

that lifts its wings and sends it soaring up and over to the next station.

With the turbulence over, there is an immediate change in the atmosphere.

A once plummeting plane is now spiraling upward to form figure eights,

spinning, gliding and skywriting the words Thank You

for the listener friendly sounds that are being transmitted.

Floating on Cloud 9, feeling the freedom of expression beneath its wings,

it puts on an air show of appreciation before slowly wafting its way down

to make a perfect landing.

As its wheels touch the ground and absorb the pulse of the planet,

the new arrival races down the runway to join people from all walks of life

and all parts of the world who are connected by Community Radio.

They know how uplifting it is to fly the friendly skies

of mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Passengers arriving at the terminal are welcomed by a dedicated staff

whose members work together as a team to broadcast this labor of love.

A brand new set of luggage is handed to anyone

wanting to leave their excess baggage behind.

Each suitcase that opens contains something of interest for everyone,

complete with panoramic windows and spacious room for every view.

It’s a valuable valise that the daily traveler can carry and share

at home with friends and family, in the carpool or rapid transit

and then to school, the workspace and all the popular gathering places.

Turn on and tune into public media that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

A thirst for knowledge is quenched by gypsy scholars, freelance reporters and experts

in every field imaginable, who refill silver chalices and commemorative coffee cups.

These are people committed to serving individual, societal and environmental well being

in the world wide web of life.

At one’s fingertips there is instant access to a wealth of information, inspiration,

education and entertainment.

Enter the open-minded portals to the present, past and future, where the listener is transformed

from spectator to active participant, going on location with seasoned news commentators,

music disc jockeys, talk show hosts and engaging guests.

You don’t have to be rich to fly with Community Airlines.

Its supporters help to keep it airborne through their valuable contributions of time, money, energy and enthusiasm; in return they receive up to the minute coverage of local, national and global news stories and cultural events, along with topics to suit every taste and temperament.

Here is where conscientious journalism is still alive and well, and the arts and sciences cover all the continents from ancient to modern times.

In this listener’s opinion, to support Community Radio is to support radio with a soul.

© B.T. Brunelle



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