B.T. Brunelle – An Inspirational Poem ‘Community’

Bahia, your awesome creativity is tipping the scales working overtime! You’re such a ‘Sparkling’ inspiration to our every day lives; your Gift of writing Poetry stands alone with how it touches everyone’s life. Thank you for sharing with our Community of Listeners!



Our feet have covered every inch of this town

During times that were up and times that were down

When fires were raging we put out the flames

When the streets were flooded we cleared the way

Like the cells of a body we were unified

Every difference was quickly set aside

No longer divided by diversity

Finding common ground as a community

As prodigal children coming in from the cold

We have seen that together we each become whole

No longer imprisoned by being alone

With survival and love to bring us back home

Let us roll up our sleeves, there’s work to be done

We are equally human with a place in the sun

Sharing the joy and responsibility

That go hand in hand in a community

© B.T. Brunelle



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