This Fourth of July ~ by B.T. Brunelle


This Fourth of July my eyes will be watching

For the colors of freedom to light up the sky

Independence for all is all that I’m wanting

A lifelong vision I cannot deny

With red representing the human heart

And the blood in our veins that longs to be free

With flags of pure white held up to the stars

While eagles and doves are joined in peace

This Fourth of July may the heavens be blue

As weapons of war fade into the past

When fireworks explode let the world be renewed

Bringing unity here that will finally last

I will be listening to hear freedom ring

With a sound so true that it gives me pride

May the voice of each person have reason to sing

As we walk side by side

On this Fourth of July

~ by B.T. Brunelle

B.T. Brunelle Award Winning Song Writer and Author

Co-Author of:   The Daily Lessons of Infinite Love & Gratitude

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