Benedick Howard – New Face of Medicine (April 24, 2014)

Benedick Howard known internationally online as a High-Tech Shaman who is definitely the forerunner in pain busting technology. He’s been featured on British TV and PBS. He’s the finest mentoring instructor around from personal experience.

Today, we are literally talking about … “Changing the Face of Medicine – the Future of Medicine” that now has FDA approval.

We’ll find out how all of this began for Benedick and more.

1. Tell us about your life story and how you came across this technology?

2. What is the healing secret about how electricity and why has electricity got such a bad rap?

3. How does micro current biofeedback resolve the  underlying causes of pain?

4. Define micro current biofeedback and how is it different from TENS?

5. Tell us about the history and the results of the 1980’s clinical trials?

6. What is the effect on mood and consciousness?

7. If you had unlimited resources what is your vision for the future with this technology?



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