Bonnie Greenwell – Kundalini Awakens (July 24, 2014)

Dr. Bonnie Greenwell shares her two newest books with us … “The Kundalini Guide” and “The Awakening Guide.” These books are based on 25 years of experience doing assessments for over 2000 people who have awakened their kundalini energy. These books were created to support the awakening process as they are many issues that arise and are usually a surprise to those who pursue self-realization.

This awakening is really a remembering, it is an opening of our inner recognition of ONENESS with everything, and the possibility of seeing our life and our world through the eyes of pure consciousness or presence. This is definitely a life-altering event that frees us from the constrictions of our conditioning and allows us to live spontaneously in the flow of our life experiences.

Bonnie’s guide book is the very best available.  She has not only studied and integrated in great depth the kundalini process along with a direct zen teaching but has supported thousands of others going through it as well. Plus, she’s been asked by her teacher to teach.


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