Candace Talmadge – Contact Other Side (June 17, 2015)

The Afterlife Healing Circle–How Anyone Can Contact The Other Side … this is the title of Candace Talmadge’s latest book and it sends an unleashing chill of excitement knowing there is great healing that has been brought to humanity with it.

Candace L. Talmadge has written for numerous media, including Adweek, Business Week, the Dallas Times Herald, Forbes, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, and Reuters America. She has also been a syndicated political columnist whose works have appeared in publications such as Liberal Opinion Week.

Nearly three decades ago, Candace encountered an alternative healing method called Sunan therapy that enabled her to resolve many of her emotional and spiritual wounds. This therapy also helped her become familiar with the intimate link between spirituality, energy, and healing. It introduced her to some of her past lives and those of family and friends.

Based on these experiences, she co-authored and published Hope is in the Garden—–Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love. This nonfiction explores emotional and spiritual healing resolution based on the Sunan method of working in the energy of human consciousness. In this book, she provides an expanded definition of energy that demonstrates the connection between matter, spirit, mind, and heart.

Candace and her co-author, Jana L. Simons, have published new nonfiction titled, The Healing Circle—How Anyone Can Contact the Other Side. This spiritual self-help book teaches readers how to contact not only departed loved ones, but children who are not yet born.

Candace writes and publishes the Green Stone of Healing® speculative fiction series under the pen name C.L. Talmadge

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