Carla’s Hurricane Ike Update

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.  Can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner!

Finally!  Yesterday we got hot water!  Yep!  I took a long, hot, steaming bubble bath as soon as the water heated up!  It was luxurious!  The things we take for granted, the day to day necessities we learn to live without and then the gratitude felt once these losses are restored – such lessons!

There are still big boats on the side of the road.  Churches continue to feed scores of people, the Red Cross hasn’t stopped passing out ice, water and meals and many residents on the island are without electricity, water, gas or phone service.  A woman friend of mine helped box up 10,000 free meals yesterday. Presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton visited the island and were shocked by what they saw. Neither Obama or McCain have stopped by. The money being spent on this presidential campaign, especially Obama’s, sure could be used down here to provide residents with just the basic necessities.  Many of us find this obscene.

Another good friend of mine passed away last week.  As a result of this hurricane such deaths have been a common occurrence among the elderly. The stress of the evacuation quickened a serious illness my friend had.  In her mid ninety’s I know she lived a long full filled life, but I’ll still miss her.  At her funeral today were many of our friends.  A number of people are still not allowed to return to their homes until the city decides whether or not their property will be raised or just bull dozed.  Its pretty heartbreaking stuff.

Interestingly, though we are ignored – Katrina is still in the news.  The media must get “brownie points” for continually referring to this hurricane, while neglecting the suffering of so many in our neck of the woods. The lack of concern from communities and the media outside of the area really baffles many of us living in this current disaster situation.  All of Hollywood came out for Katrina but not one narcissistic star or starlet has made their way to the island, or any of the other communities hammered by Ike. Guess there’s no publicity in it for them.  Very sad behavior.

Though the news media and Hollywood crowd disregard the incredible disaster the north-western Gulf Coast has weathered this summer, we Galvestonians will carry on.  Along with this, we’ll be forever grateful to all of those wonderful organizations and volunteers who continue to help us put our lives back together again.

One of my cousins (hi Tom!) sent this link to me.  Take a look!  Have a “Happy Halloween” and also, please donate to the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund. We still need your help – desperately!


Hurricane Ike’s short but eventful life

Though the media ignores the aftermath of Hurricane Ike ,
contribute to the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund. We need your help!

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