Carolyn Gervais – Our Soul Path? (August 7, 2014)

Charting your Soul’s Path … how exciting is that? We’re ready Carolyn!

For the past 30 years Carolyn Gervais has helped soul searchers to understand the meaning and purpose of the different aspects of their soul’s mission in this particular life, according to the “cards” they have been dealt.

Along with Carolyn’s intuitive gift, she can not only tell you what “cards” you are holding, but she can also help you realize the best way to play the game plan you have chosen this time around.

Every individual has a soul purpose in its lifetime, and at birth everyone is dealt a distinct hand of “cards,” or “soul aspects,” to use in fulfilling that purpose.

So let’s investigate further with Carolyn today to see just how her specific techniques can help you to understand this marvelous journey before you in Charting Your Soul’s Path.

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Let’s ask Carolyn:

1. What makes up our Soul Path? Carolyn says, there are 5 aspects.

2. Have we chosen the role we play in this lifetime prior to entering?

3. How do we know we’re on the right path?

4. How does one overcome setbacks?

5. Are there winners and losers in this “game”? What exactly does that mean?

6. Are we caught in our own beliefs? AND, can we be released from them? If so, how?

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