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Dr. Stephen Martin (June 11, 2009)

Just touching the surface … it’s sizzling! If you can cook, you can make powerful topical remedies to support the health of your body in ways you had not thought possible. On Amazon you can pick up Dr. Steve Martin’s book that barely scratches the surface of what can be done with ingredients you never […]

Interview with Sheldan Nidle (01/15/2009)

Full Consciousness … I can hardly wait! Have you ever given it any thought as to what it would be like to be fully conscious? You are probably saying to yourself, well I thought that I was fully conscious. After I have listened to Sheldan Nidle give many talks over the years, I realize that […]

Interview with Lois Jarvis (04/10/2004)

Interview with Lois Jarvis on 04/10/2004.

Interview with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (04/10/2004)

Interview with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz on 04/10/2004.

Interview with Robert Perala (04/10/2004)

Interview with Robert Perala on 04/10/2004.

Interview with Hilly Rose (04/10/2004)

Interview with Hilly Rose on 04/10/2004.