Category: 07/31/2008

Interview with Steve Ryals (07/31/2008)

We look forward to our first interview with Steve Ryals. We will talk to Steve about his graduating on the Dean’s List at Berkeley after being homeless and addicted to Methedrine. In particular, we want to hear Steve talk about how he came to believe that “healing takes feeling”, and how this belief helped free […]

Interview with Dr. Dan Siegel (07/31/2008)

Dr. Siegel will join Mike Farrell this Thursday. Click here for more info. -Tazz and Paula

Interview with Mike Farrell (07/31/2008)

I recently called Beth Grossman, a publicist we have worked with before, asking her if she had any new and exciting guests for us to interview. She said, “I certainly do, and your timing is perfect.” She told me she had Mike Farrell and as a special bonus Dr. Dan Siegel M.D. Well realizing I […]