Category: 08/19/2010

Interview with Sheldan Nidle (August 19, 2010)

What does Full-Consciousness mean? We’ll ask Sheldan this and some of the following. How will we transition from chaos to peace with the present administrations—while thinking about 2012? Peace and harmony with each other in 2013? What are our Earth Allies’ Plans? What Secret Technology is available to support us before and after? What can […]

Interview with Pepper Lewis, the channel of Gaia (August, 19 2010)

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel and a recognized writer, speaker and teacher of metaphysics. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as […]

Interview with Jonathan Gray (August 26, 2010)

WARNING! This may be the most important information you’ll ever read. In this show we  hope to make you so angry you’ll want to throw your computer right out the window. What Jonathan  has to tell you involves the scandal that’s going on in the scientific world today. It’s a scandal that – if you are like […]