Category: 09/16/2010

Interview with Sharla Jacobs (September 16, 2010)

You may have discovered by now that just being a good coach or holistic practitioner isn’t enough to get you clients. The #1 Secret to Getting Your Phone to Ring How to Avoid Giving Free Consultations to the “Wrong People” (those who will never sign up with you) The Key to Turning Your Free Consultations […]

Interview with our favorite Shamanic Astrologer Tony McGettigan

The resonance between Heaven and Earth. What’s happening in the sky above is energetically connected with what unfolds in the sky within. Currently we are experiencing a Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter alignment that happens only once in 1100 years. The alignment with Pluto and Winter Solstice at the Galactic Equator is even more rare (once in 26,000). We are experiencing […]