Cell Talk with Dr. Todd

Our bodies do not contain excess baggage. Every molecule is part of a divine plan that invites us to find health and live a very long time. In this series, longtime Kryon Team member Dr. Todd Ovokaitys talks about the ways you can help your body assist you in your evolutionary journey.

CALCIUM:  The Excitatory Balancer

Calcium is a mineral that has direct and powerful effects on physical and mental function and therefore deeply affects our spiritual growth. As more and more humans awaken, they are being challenged to integrate and assimilate the higher energetic frequencies that are being made available through the planetary energetic grids. Calcium in the proper form and in balance with other minerals can assist us to do that more effectively.

Lightworkers will find that calcium increases their ability to circulate and balance energy in the body, mind, and being.  If we are trying to lead a life of centering and serenity, if we are trying to control and activate our mind and senses, then maintaining a healthy level of calcium is essential.

PHYSICAL HEALTH BENEFITS:  Calcium is an essential mineral with a wide range of biological actions. As a major constituent of bones and teeth, calcium is required in higher milligram amounts than any of the other minerals.  Calcium is also vital for muscular contraction, nerve conduction, optimal blood coagulation, the production of energy, the beating of the heart, ideal glandular secretion, and the maintenance of immune function.  Studies have shown that calcium supplementation may have a modest effect on the reduction of elevated systolic blood pressure and to have an action on the lowering of cholesterol levels.

Especially interesting is that calcium supplementation may reduce the risk of colorectal tumor formation.  The putative mechanism is that calcium binds to bile salts and neutralizes them to prevent an irritative effect on the lining of the colon that may otherwise occur.

Preliminary evidence shows that supplementing calcium may reduce the symptoms of PMS.  In addition, the ongoing Nurse’s Health Study with 86,000 participants has shown a reduced risk of stroke with supplementation of 400 or more milligrams of calcium daily.

Recent research has shown that increasing dietary calcium of obese persons for one year was associated with an average 10 pound loss of body fat.  It appears that increased calcium intake has an action on fat cells to reduce the formation of new fat while also increasing the burning of existing fat.  In studies in mice, high calcium diets increased the rate of breaking down fat in fat cells by a surprisingly high 3-5 fold.

DEFICIENCY:  Calcium is a unique mineral in that there is a large reserve storage capacity in bone. The level of calcium absorption is especially supported by vitamin D.  Two other hormones (parathyroid hormone and calcitonin) also participate in regulating the dynamics of absorption and storage, as well as releasing calcium from the bone when more is needed than is supplied by the diet.

When the intake of calcium is insufficient to the body’s need for it, the results are inadequate calcium mineralization in bone.  In mild cases this is called osteopenia (literally reduced bone) and when severe this becomes osteoporosis.  The testing of bone mass is done largely to determine if either of these two conditions applies.  The dominant risk of osteoporosis is bone fractures of that would not otherwise occur if the bones were stronger.

The best way to keep bones strong is to consume adequate amounts calcium – along with Vitamin D – in a form that is well absorbed.  Other important bone strengthening factors are physical exercise – especially weight bearing and lifting weights – cessation of smoking, and in the time around and after menopause, the use of preferably bioidentical hormones (estrogen possibly also with progesterone).  Additional minerals such as boron, magnesium, and silica also help to strengthen and maintain bones.

PRECAUTIONS:  Calcium supplementation is contra-indicated in persons with medical conditions that cause an elevated blood calcium, such as hyperparathyroidism (overactive parathyroid glands in the neck).  Persons who form calcium kidney stones are also advised not to take supplements of calcium.  Certain medications such as tetracyclines or quinolones (such as Cipro) need to be taken at a different time than calcium supplements or medication absorption may be reduced.

RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE:  1000 milligrams (adults) 1300 milligrams (during pregnancy)

NATURAL FOOD SOURCES:  The average intake of calcium in the American diet is about 800 milligrams per day.  Dairy products are the most calcium dense foods.  Other calcium rich foods include sardines with bones intact, collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli, bok choy, tofu, and nuts.

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