Anne Gordon – Come Play w/Cetaceans (June 20, 2013)

Anne Gordon de Barrigon is calling us today from Panama, where she lives with her husband, Otneil Barrigon, an indigenous man from the Embera tribe, whose family still live in the jungles of Panama.

Anne presently conducts tours to the Embera village where they are able to meet their family, whom she says, live in a true ‘Unity-Community’ … and where they have the quality of life the rest of the world is seeking.

Anne also conducts Humpback Whale and Dolphin swim tours in Panama, which is blessed with year round dolphin and Humpback whale migrations from the South and Northern hemispheres.

Anne says, that the dolphins automatically release a ‘loving frequency’ being around them so that we are able to learn all about their living skills as we play with them in the waters … such skills as living in Joy, learning how to Play, learning how to Love, Abundance, Community and complete Transparency.



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