Congratulations to the Begich family!

YES, this is a year of change—even in Alaska. We want to congratulate Mark Begich and family for his victory over Ted Stevens, the longest serving Senator (40 years) in Senate history. Mark will be leaving his seat as Mayor of Anchorage to join the Senate.

On October 30th, we just recently interviewed with his brother Nick Begich and in our conversation with Nick he talked about how the climate change has brought an opportunity to Alaska for growing beautiful crops in its virgin soil. He also talked about oil drilling in the Artic. Tazz and I always believed this would be harmful to the environment. According to Nick, the new technology for oil drilling will not harm the environment—what a great surprise! Nick is so widely versed and knowledgeable in so many areas—we just love to have him on our program to share with our listeners. And Mark is certainly lucky to have Nick in his corner.

Tazz and I just recently asked ourselves, “Wonder what Governor Palin will say when Mark wins the Senate seat?” Will I just read her statement today.

Here it is: “I extend my congratulations to Mark Begich and his family,” Palin said in a statement released by her office Wednesday. “This is a new era for Alaska and I look forward to working with Mark on the many issues that are important to our state. I am confident he will add a compelling new voice to the U.S. Senate.”

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