Conversation with Bill Froehlich (June 16, 2011)

So what do we get when the bestselling author of Chicken Soup series collaborated with the writer of TV series MacGyver? A phenomenal, life-altering adventure that will not only motivate and inspire you but will also make you realize your true potential.

In this profound fable, told through an enchanting fantasy peppered with real life events, we are invited to open the portal of our imagination and step into a playful new reality to discover a startling revelation about ourselves and the world around us.

With a special emphasis on the power of imagination, authors Mark Victor Hansen and Bill Froehlich reassure us that everything and anything is possible if we let ourselves believe that “possible walks among us, many times unseen, unfelt and unheard.”

How about shedding new light into worldly problems we all face, U R The Solution: An AO Adventure also takes us on a spiritual journey. It reiterates that our problems begin when we think that we are separated from our Divine Source thus triggering negative energy to take control of us.

With the clever concepts of Fear Free Glasses and Without-a-Doubt Goggles, the authors explore real life solutions to the problems that exist in our world today. From global financial crisis to the Gulf Oil Spill to global warming, the authors guide us on to the correct path through success stories of real people, providing plausible solutions.

Today we are going to have fun interviewing Bill Foehlich, asking how this book “UR THE SOLUTION” actually was conceived, nurtured and birthed.

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