Conversation with Stephen Redding (December 30, 2010)

“Stephen Redding’s first book, Something More, got us all thinking. His second book, More or Less, shows us what to do. This second book is an excellent read. We could hear Stephen speaking as we read. His positive and clear message is woven around interesting stories and examples, short poems, and punctuated with attractive illustrations. He has written well and has said it all.”

Stephen has expanded the framework of the commons to include dimensions, realities, and realms that for most people have never been distinguished. I hear in his message the voice of a “prophet” calling forth the distinction, better choices now for universal results that are timeless. Stephen shares a different paradigm or the “way it is” in the universe, a different calling to the reverence and appreciation of ourselves and the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things, and the tragedy is the consequence or as he puts it the “subtraction” of things. (Plenty of things to ponder on!)




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