Dawn Paul – Explains Soul Retrieval (December 13, 2012)

Shamanism is a way of working in balance and harmony with nature, of respecting and honouring Mother Earth and giving thanks for all that she gives us, of knowing that one is connected to all things–the rivers, the trees, the rocks and of course, to each other.

It is said that a Shaman “aims never to leave footprints in the snow” which means his or her aim is to have the least possible detrimental effect on the environment, and to live in “ayni” – reciprocity with all things and all of nature.

Nowadays, modern Shaman focus mainly on the healing methods of their particular lineage for either their community or the Earth. There are even Corporate Shaman who “heal” companies! With regard to healing for individuals, the healing methods focus on three areas – an individual’s power, i.e., the state of their energy body, the state of their soul – has soul loss occurred? If so, it needs to be retrieved – and the removal of any energetic or spiritual blockage. Once these issues have been addressed and healed, the person is returned to wholeness, which is the overall aim of shamanic healing.

I can’t help but feel that the Shaman of old have many, many important lessons to teach us in this age. It is my hope that the old traditions will be reborn – that we will start to live once more in balance and harmony with Nature, to live life consciously once more – to give thanks for all we receive – and be mindful of the quality of life of the creatures we eat. And to attempt to no longer leave our footprints so deeply embedded in the snow.

Dawn assist people through their journey in life with her shamanic healing either in person or by phone.

Her newest book ” A Healer of  Souls”  is another great tool to help people on their journey.

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