Deana Bagley – Deana and the ELs (January 30, 2014)

Deana and the ELs’ mission is simply to share the message of Loving Self and Others … bringing a JOY that allows the recipient to get excited about Jumping into life like they would love to live it! No greater gift can be given on this earth.

Deana and the ELs book ‘A Journey with Simple Truths‘ brings forth an observance within the reader to easily still the mind and allow for a new perception of Love to experience life from moment-to-moment without judgment, then notice and celebrate how life changes.


Simple Truths

~ by the ELs

  • ·         When you are judging another, know that you are also judging yourself.
  • ·         Use your gifts. It is part of your personal power. Allow them to come forth.
  • ·         With awareness of Who You Are, you will better know the connection between your Higher Self and your physical existence.
  • ·         You are responsible for all your perceptions and experiences. Choose the ones you want.




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