don Miguel Ruiz – Awake Sleeping Giant (November 29, 2012)

Oprah recently interviewed don Miguel Ruiz … sharing his story; when Miguel was a young boy, his grandfather told him many stories of the Toltec Tradition. A powerful one was the Story of The Sleeping Giant, a symbol for an unaware humanity.

One day this giant will awaken in Mexico, and awareness will spread throughout the world. Humanity will return to its full potential.

As any child who hears stories in the early years, Miguel forgot and years went by before this story surfaced again. On his honeymoon, Miguel and his bride sat on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, over looking the sacred grounds of Teotihuacan. Then, Miguel saw the giant clearly laid out as a snake with two heads, and he realized that this site was a 2500 year old map for enlightenment. The path begins in one of the heads, out through the second head and finally onto the Pyramid of the Sun.

The name Teotihuacan means ‘The place where humans awake and become God’.

This Journey of Enlightenment in Teotihuacan, awakening the snake within each of his apprentices, has been Miguel’s body of work since that day in 1987.

Now the time has come for humanity as a whole to awaken to its full awareness, it’s time to fully awaken the giant.

December 21st, 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar. Mythology says this is the end of the world. Truth is that this day is like any New Years Eve, it will come and it will go and nothing will happen…

… unless we make it happen.

Miguel’s invitations is for us all to agree that this indeed is the end of the world… as we know it.

‘Let’s utilize this unique moment in time. Let’s all agree that this is the end of an era living in fear and fanaticism, and instead the beginning of a new era living in truth… and then let’s act on this new agreement… the world will change with this new awakened humanity.

Please help join me in this change, by changing your own world.’

don Miguel Ruiz is inviting you to join an event of a life time:


This December 17th-21st, we will experience the Awakening Giant.

We will walk and have a journey through the entirety

 of the temples in Teotihuacan, Mexico to awaken the giant within you.

This journey will end with the re-birth of humanity,

World Awakening Ceremony that supports

the efforts of “All” into an intimate event.

Don Miguel Ruiz and his team are inviting you

to take part in shifting the new consciousness of humanity

with a ritual and ceremony called  World Awakening 2012. 

This event is an up close and personal event 

with don Miguel and friends.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part

of something bigger than ourselves, a contribution

to the birthing of a new era of consciousness.

Lets mark the evening of December 21st, to come together,

and let our intent guide us to live in truth.



The trip is an event where don Miguel, don Jose and don Miguel Jr speak, give exercises, assign homework (the fun, short and reflective type).

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