Dr Edwige – You’re Not Crazy-You’re Awakening (December 1, 2015)

Dr Edwige’s book “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” – is a trail blazer to discovering your Soul’s purpose, Joy and Abundant Life. It chronicles her own awakening process, and provides guidance for others who want the fast-track to higher consciousness, without fearing the rapid changes one can experience.

Dr Edwige holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, is a Light Body Mentor, Light Code Activator, metaphysical practitioner, author, and speaker.

This incredible Goddess started from the early age of twelve to begin her Spiritual Journey … can you imagine?

She was gifted by Divine Source with the ability to clear energies that are blocking the flow of someone’s Higher-Self from moving fully into one’s third dimensional body and consciousness. Her skills enable her to raise a person’s vibration and frequency, and to activate one’s lightbody by triggering codes deep within that person’s DNA. The lightbody activation that she performs restores a person’s individual Divine Blueprint.

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