Dr. Stephen Martin (June 11, 2009)

Just touching the surface … it’s sizzling!

If you can cook, you can make powerful topical remedies to support the health of your body in ways you had not thought possible. On Amazon you can pick up Dr. Steve Martin’s book that barely scratches the surface of what can be done with ingredients you never even thought of using.

Dr. Steve Martin, Chief Scientist and author of “If You Can Cook… You Can Make Powerful Topical Remedies For Hair Loss, Pain and Herpes Infections.” His book is a scientific document. It describes studies published in the scientific literature that the general public knows nothing about. Yet the information in these studies provides extremely useful information on how you, using the basic equipment in your own kitchen, can make powerful topical and oral formulations for effective and inexpensive healthy body support in many areas. Make up enough for your neighbor too! He even tells you what the active ingredients are. How ‘bout that!

Since around 1983 we both have been into natural remedies and looking all the time to find what works for the many and reporting on it.

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