Electrical Engineer disproves Einsteins Relative Theory. Who decided on this path?

Just how many of us are ready for supporting the re-balance of our world which includes ourselves as well? Just what will this entail? You decide. Take a look at this link.

Let me point to my article on disproving Einstein’s relativity theory one more time, cause I think this is important, especially for David Wilcock:
“Electrical Engineer disproves Einsteins Relativity Theory:
The Ruins of 106 Years Relativity.
Last week the newspapers were filled with the discovery of “impossible” particles traveling faster than the speed of light. A month ago an “impossible” star was discovered and earlier the Pioneer space probes also refused to adhere to the law. This way, the scientific establishment will slowly but surely be forced to return to reality, the reality of the existence of a real, physical ether with fluid-like properties. The inevitable result of that will be that Einstein’s relativity theory will go down in the history books as one of the biggest fallacies ever brought forth by science. In the future they will look back to relativity with equal disbelief as to the “Earth is flat” concept. The relativity theory not only goes against common sense, as Tesla already said in 1932, a fundamental thinking error has been made by Maxwell in his equations. This eventually lead to the erroneous relativity theory, as is proven in this article. It is therefore no exaggeration to state that the scientific establishment is going to have a religious experience.”
I added quite a lot of reference material to the bottom part of the article, compared with last weeks version.

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