Ester Nicholson – Soul Recovery (May 30, 2013)

Ester Nicholson realized that the traditional 12-Steps could only take her so far, but it was the blending of a deeper, more engaged recognition of the “God within” that truly transformed her life. And in eschewing one of the core 12-Step tenets: that of powerlessness, she reveals that-in the dawning awareness of self-divinity-lies true powerfulness. This is the first book that gives addictive individuals-of all types-a profound spiritual (non-religious) experience, creating a framework that supports sobriety and wholeness. We will be talking about her book today.

It was through her 12 Keys of Soul Recovery that enabled Nicholson to emerge and thrive as a celebrated vocalist for Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Faith Hill, Beyonce and Barbra Streisand, take the stage at Madison Square Garden and appear on Good Morning America, Oprah and Ellen. And now has unveiled her as a gifted international keynote speaker, renowned teacher, spiritual therapist and addiction counselor.

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