Alison McDermott, FireBurnDoctorTeam (April 5, 2012)

The FireBurnDoctor Team are a “grassroots” group of professional volunteers offering a FREE (and always will be) humanitarian service for burn injuries that is NOW eradicating the needless suffering from burns worldwide with a profound technology that provokes the body to fix itself–in minutes and from a distance. The origins of DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro – Bypassing) comes from ancient Amorican traditions (Celtic and Native American).

If you, your child, or someone you love is burned by fire, laser, explosion, or scalding water

Right away you need to CALL OR TEXT IMMEDIATELY
within the first 30 minutes of exposure, on your way to the hospital.

And let medical Doctor Joseph Watson know the precise TIME of the burn and the person’s:

NAME at birth  –  DATE of birth  –  PLACE of birth

Then, text a picture, ANY photograph of the PERSON (can be taken on site with a cell phone) to:  1-818-332-6445

And, RIGHT NOW … BE SURE TO STICK THIS NUMBER PHONE EVERYWHERE, on the Refrigerator Door, Car, Wallet, Cell phone, Websites, emails, Kids’ Backpacks, Binders, Bulletin Boards, Blogs and your own back pocket…

TELL ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME call:   1-818-332-6445     (outside US, most countries dial 00 before the 1)

You may listen LIVE or CALL with questions on this interview: Thursday, 4/5/2012  from 11-12 noon.


You may want to also go to:


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