Francesca Thoman – A Tesla Channel (April 19, 2016)

Author Francesca Thoman shows through her work that Nikola Tesla is still engaged with humanity and remains fascinated with the nature of the universe.

Our brilliant guest, is a conscious clairaudient channel since 1990; Francesca Thoman has published in New Age magazines and newsletters, and channeled Nikola Tesla at various seminars. She’s been long aware of spirits, guides and angels, discarnates and extraterrestrials, and on top of this she is certified to read the Akashic Records. It is a powerful powerful journey we are about to traverse today.


In her first of two books:

Nikola Tesla Afterlife Comments on Para-physical Concepts …

Volume One:    New Definitions and Meditations

…   this is where Tesla and Francesca work together to offer several wholly new ideas. Working with concepts of light, gravity, magnetism and DNA from a human, spiritual perspective and more.


And in her second book:

Nikola Tesla Afterlife Comments on Para-physical Concepts …

Volume Two:   Healing and Magic

that presents a fascinating 20-year “correspondence” between Nikola Tesla’s spirit and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, an accomplished medical doctor who has trained medical students and residents.







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