GOOD NEWS! Young people get this right away.

Hello my Friends!

The younger people seem to get this message below right away and in a big way.

It’s truly an amazing time to be alive! If ever you questioned the constant in the universe “change” you must admit that we are all in a great wave of personal and global change. Even when I watch the news and see protestors in Iran or democrats fighting democrats or republicans fighting everybody…. you must admit it…. we are in a huge cycle of change.

What does all this mean? You know, I hate to use a cliché. It’s easy to say… you have to change, but if you are the one changing or being asked to change then it turns quickly into a different story. Even for enlightened people this period in our history can make anyone question their certainty or sanity.

When I ask my guides to explain all this… they sometimes do, and then sometimes they just keep their mouths shut; yet what they do tell me helps. But listen up … this is the part no one seems to like. We must do this for ourselves and for each other. The universe wants us to be a passionate active partner with it… and RIGHT NOW!  So there is no time to waste or do a wait-and-see attitude. It’s up to us!

Again, the GOOD NEWS is that the younger people do seem to get this in a big way. More and more young people are being born with obvious psychic abilities. These “star children” or “indigo children” are entering our reality at just the right time. If we’re smart we’ll give them a good listen and even give them the reins.

I’m excited about this upcoming interview. Give it a listen and write to me below and let me know what you think.

~ Joseph

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