Have You Ever Been To A Séance?

Well now I can say I have been to a séance. I invited my friend Maria to go with me to a séance. Neither Maria nor I had been to one before. We chatted with excitement all the way while driving to Diane and John’s house; they were the hosts for the séance.

When we arrived we discovered it was a potluck. We didn’t know—and felt bad we didn’t bring anything, but all was well for there was more than enough food. Diane, our hostess made a delicious chili, made from an old family recipe. Of course we immediately tried to convince her that we were a part of her family; she agreed, but as yet we have not seen the secret family recipe. The potluck gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other before the Grand Event.

There were fourteen of us, four men and ten women (I don’t know if that is of an importance). Our host’s back yard was very peaceful, a lot of trees and a feeling of being out in the country. They even had a large vegetable garden in back of the yard.

I noticed a circle of rocks with seating around it and in the middle of the circle was a fire. Diane felt it would be beneficial for all of us to be in a circle and then do a meditation together so we could ground as a group energy. After sharing our beautiful meal together we seated ourselves around the circle.

Next, Diane had us write down our prayers and goals and put them in a prayer bowl. John stoked the fire, to get it going. Boy, it felt good, for it was getting chilly. Diane poured our prayers and goals from the prayer bowl into the fire so that they would go into the ethers, then she called in  the four directions from our elders to be with us for protection. After the meditation we shared our experience with each other; the general theme for everyone was connecting to nature. A few of us felt our Native American friends joining with us.

We then proceeded to the séance room. There were two tables pushed together.  On the tables were candles, stones, bowls, and one large séance trumpet (a séance trumpet is a cone of aluminum about 2 feet tall, used as a voice box). Next, we started meditating—asking the spirits from the other side to be with us. There were a couple of mediums among us. They immediately started receiving messages; a couple of people had messages from relatives who had passed on to the other side. Then the big table started to rock; this table was very heavy. I was surprised it could move. The items on it started to fly off, actually hitting the person next to me. Then the small table began to rock, and the trumpet lying on the table began to rock back and forth. We were hoping it would actually lift off the table, but it didn’t. Something got a hold of my left hand. It felt to me like it wanted to write. I was handed paper, but nothing was coming. Then it went to the girl left of me, and her  left hand shook 10 times more than mine was shaking. We gave her paper, but between her hand shaking so much and the table going back in forth, she couldn’t write anything either.

We then started asking the table questions. The table would go back in forth for yes and stop for no. Vickie became our spokesman, she was the only one asking questions. We asked how many spirits were among us; the answer was 14. Does that mean we each had a spirit come with us? Maybe, Maybe not. We gave Vicky names to ask the table. We ended up getting confirmation on 10 names out of the 14. That was good. And I found out one spirit speaking to us was my x sister-in-law who passed away about 5 months ago. We asked if she had any messages to give to us. She said, “No.” Personally I just I think she just wanted to hang out with the energy. I asked about a very close friend of mine who passed away in February. I was so surprised she wasn’t there, because she so believed in this. During all of this process, I became very cold. In fact, I was cold for two days after wards. And it was very hard for me to go to sleep that night because I felt so much energy coming through me. The séance lasted late into the evening, so we told the spirits we wanted to close; however, the spirits wanted to go on. We asked a couple more questions and then decided to close. We all knew the spirits wanted to play with us more, but we all needed to go home.

On the way home Maria and I chatted like little magpies. Maria said it was nothing like she had experienced. She thought that John may be moving the table, but after a while the table was moving too much for one person to do. Her conclusion then was that John didn’t have his hands on her table. Maria was CONVINCED that this was real.

We talked to everyone the following Wednesday and found out that Diane and John had one table moving the next day. I guess we left some spirits behind.

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