How Do I Become More Aware?

The foundation of shame is built around the belief that you must be a certain way. If you are a Christian, then Jesus or the saints are held up as a model to aim for.

But even if you have not had these models as an ideal way to be, you may have had someone or some standard, either given to you or you have taken on, as a role model. “This is how I should be!”

Even if you do not have such a role model, you still have accepted some standard from society that you believe, that you should live up to.

It is these beliefs that make you feel inadequate…not what you are doing, but these beliefs.

It is about awareness, not about rules of behavior. As the awareness grows, your behavior will change.

This is not about you behaving right. This is about you being more aware; and through this awareness, the destructive behaviors will simply drop away.

So the only question is: How do I become more aware?

Find someone who has realized their true self and work with them.

This is not about forgiving yourself, because there is nothing you do that needs forgiving. You are doing the best you know how within your present limitations of awareness.

Remember that those actions, for which you believe you need to forgive yourself, are those actions that do not fit your belief of how to behave.

Now it is time for you to relax.

Now it is time for you to enjoy.

Now it is time to know that you are loved.

Now it is time to let go.

Now it is time for you to enjoy your uniqueness.

Now it is time for you to flower.

Now it is time to stop trying to forgive yourself.

Now it is time to dance.

Now it is time to sing.

Now it is time to look inside and see the beauty that you are.

Now it is time for you to be free.  Now it is time…..


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