Hunger for Great Films!

Dear Friends:

I’m writing to let you know there’s a free DVD of visionary movies waiting for
you here:

But read this first…

Remember how great those old Twilight Zone episodes were?

Ever wonder what happened to stories like them?

Here’s the secret: Great stories never go away they just find different voices
to tell them, but today, those voices are confined to the wilderness, so to

DARK MATTER finds those hidden treasures from the new storytellers and brings them directly to you, unfiltered by the media.

People like us outgrew most TV shows and movies a long time ago, but you still hunger for films that open your mind and expand your reality, right?

Well, imagine experiencing movies that combine the power of storytelling with subjects Hollywood doesn’t dare touch like:

Quantum physics, the true nature of time, synchronicity, mass consciousness and more…

Get the first volume of DARK MATTER completely free (while they last).

Click on the link below and watch the DARK MATTER trailer now

I know you’re going to really enjoy this!

With love and purpose,

Dannion Brinkley

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