‘IMAGINE’ sung by Emmanuel – We Are One!

An emotional and touching performance by Emmanuel.

You may have seen this on X-Factor and if you did … no doubt you could watch it again, as it steps into your Heart making footprints of the highest … knowing that this is where our world is headed. We All Are Truly One!

It’s young men of this caliber like Emmanuel that hold a higher vibration, bringing courage and strength to our planet and allowing it to filter through to everyone, not only merging with this audience, but no doubt wherever he is daily–the message is received just the same–you can feel it through the airwaves as he sings. And, the high esteem he holds his mother in.


NOTE regarding the last 3 days:  The vibrational frequencies over the last 3 days has escalated … can you feel it!? No doubt that you can. AND, today August 2nd, well it is really intense!!! People just want to sleep and do nothing; they’re feeling more edgy–angry–crying, head-achy, etc. Just spoke with Mahala (our regular astrologer on our radio show) this afternoon and she indicated that we are evidently going through the ‘Time Tunnel’ that Jose Argues has spoken about before … we are ascending into higher frequencies where everything is surging-expanding-bursting … so it’s a balancing time for the energies between Mother Earth and the planet of Uranus. Remember that Uranus bursts forth with unexpected things.

Has anyone felt as though their body presently is holding more ‘light’ … ‘chi‘ is another word for light, than it has before? Awesome!  And, when there is more chi / light in one’s body the body will be able to create health to a higher degree. Healing is certainly easier.

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