Interview with Alfred Webre ( June 4, 2009)

Hang on to your hats! We have an amazing guest who has some amazing facts about NASA’s cover-up.

During our interview with Alfred Webre he will discuss NASA’s secret space program, the ongoing truth embargo on the extraterrestrial presence and the cover-up of life currently existing on Mars.

He has photographs and other documentation, which demonstrates that, despite what the government and NASA tells us, Mars is inhabited with many forms of humanoid and animal life. Alfred has several proposals to end this massive cover-up.

Let’s find out the following:

What can we do to help attain full disclosure?

How do we cope with open contact and beyond?

How will humanity greatly benefit from ending the quarantine on our planet?

You can join with us … and ask your questions too!

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  1. Hello! How might I listen to your interview with Alfred Webre? e.

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