Interview with Alison Baughman (10/09/2008)

Ahhh, the Gift of having an inside niche to touch who you are, is invigorating; Numerology is the perfect Gift for truth! It personally started me on a path to want to know more, then more, and then even more–not only about myself, but for others around me as well. Everyone is different and the numbers give away all those lovely spices of an individual’s character.

Well 3 years ago on a Sea Angels Cruise Paula and I had such a wonderful experience meeting up with Alison Baughman, a numerologist, astrologer, teacher and reader aboard the ship, and now we have the opportunity to share her gift with you all coming up soon. I’ve personally had a reading with her, which was very special and accurate down to the last detail.

On our upcoming interview we’ll be sure to find out how the numbers changed Alison’s life.

We’ll investigate the upcoming running candidates for the white house, and more.

Each month, Alison writes Personal Monthly Numerology Forecasts which are posted on the website that is a great way to keep track of the energy influencing your life. You read your monthly Astrology forecasts, why not check out your Personal Monthly Numerology Forecasts too at:

EXCITING!!! Indeed-she has just launched a brand new website using Numerology for compatibility and relationships – how’s that for a title?

Alison, has done it again, this is really a fun and informative website as she has even included a Lifepath Calculator so we are able to look up the Lifepath Number of any potential love interest. Definitely fun! The website is based upon her book  “Visible By Numbers”  A Numerologist’s Guide to What He Isn’t Telling You.

I am panting here … and there’s more?! Alison hosts her own radio show on every Monday night at 5:00 PST. Whether Alison is interviewing guests, doing live on-air readings or teaching about Numerology, this popular show has a devoted listening audience.


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