Renee Coltson – Animal Healer (February 16, 2012)

Companion animals are a very important part of the family, and some see them as “people in fur suits.” As founder of the Reconnections’s Reconnective Healing Animals program, it has been Renee Coltson’s honor and privilege over the years to facilitate and observe many healings with animals; much the same unprecedented healings as reported by people. Cancers have disappeared, injuries have healed without any sign of scar tissue, kidney and liver function have been regained, and heart disease healed, just to name a few. Reconnective Healing works with all life, on all levels.
Animals are sentient beings. They are in a sense like us humans in that once they have been introduced to Reconnective Healing, they too experience a vibrational shift. The animals connect with the frequencies, which become part of their essence and it is as if they become an omni-directional lighthouse. The doorway opens thereby allowing the frequencies to interact through them (even though it may not be on a conscious level).


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