Interview with Annie Burnside ( July 01, 2010 )

Annie Burnside gives us a guidebook for parents who want to infuse greater spiritual awareness into everyday life, inspiring deeper meaning and connections within their family—

Parents yearning for ways to inspire deeper meaning in their family’s busy lives will find a wealth of insight and user-friendly suggestions in the new book, Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family (Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, June 2010).

It’s both a guidebook filled with a wide-ranging “toolbox” of ideas and activities and a remarkable chronicle of one family’s spiritual journey. The author, Annie Burnside, M.Ed.—teacher, wife, mother of three, and professional soul nurturer—is a modern mom who utilizes everyday life experiences including mealtimes, books, movies, art, friendships, time in the car, and family outings to open perspectives and nourish souls, infusing a heightened spiritual awareness into their lives.

Today’s parents are searching for more inclusive, less polarizing ways to evolve with their children. Soul to Soul Parenting can be a key part of that journey, exploring how to forge deeper, more intimate communication within the family in the face of a fast-paced world. The book encourages parents from every demographic and religious base to become active participants in their children’s awakening as conscious global citizens.

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