Interview with Beth Black (December 17, 2009)

Whooh, this awesome emissary, has given us each an individual and a combo-reading that is so outstanding it will stay with us for life in how we look at our lives, and how we work and play with those that surround us.

We are so excited to present Human Design Teacher and Analyst, Beth Black. This vital knowledge of Human Design is more than a Gift … it is a Life Blessing that is immeasurable, which gives you your blueprint along with the most practical tools for functioning along with the strategies for making a decision for yourself based on your own inner authority rather than the conditioning field of energies that we all exist in. These tools are powered by the mechanics of your own genetic makeup, not your thoughts and beliefs or the thoughts and beliefs of those around you.

Beth will be with us for two full hours 11:00 am to 1:00 pm; the first hour presentation will be introducing listeners to the tools of Human Design and the second hour she will be doing LIVE mini-readings. * As a special feature, the first 10 listeners who contact us prior to the show will receive a 5-min mini intro to their personal chart. This individual introduction will begin the process of your cellular awakening to this new way of operating correctly as yourself.

For more information or to register for the mini-reading, please contact Beth at Please send name, birthdate, exact birthtime and birthplace as well and Beth will create your chart and email a copy back to you. Please mention the Tazz and Paula show in the email header.

For more information about Human Design, please visit and click on the Newcomers Center.

You will find out how your individual Human Design chart provides an opening into how both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your being and energy operate in conjunction with the energies of everyone else around you.

Our lives are painted through the decisions we make, and most of us make these decisions incorrectly, always wondering why even with the most sincere intentions of our heart or with the greatest mental deliberation, we do not arrive at the result we have in mind for ourselves. In these uncertain times, it is vitally important to have consistent access to our own inner compass that can cut through the questions, confusion and stress.

Over the course of these two hours we will enter together into the experiment of living the lives that are truly ours, and learning to align ourselves with that unique contribution to the whole that each of us is here to make. Only through diversity, only through the living of our true selves, will this planet continue to evolve with the ease and grace, creativity and joy, love and self-acceptance that is our birthright.

It’s time to love yourself like never before!

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