Brian David Andersen – Amulet ReBoot (May 17, 2012)

Our Guest today, through his Tri-Vortex Technology is able to improve energy levels and provide pain relief for various conditions.

Brian David Anderson is a Scientist, Inventor and Owner/Consultant who has developed new pathways that are unique for supporting one’s health.

You’ll find  how to Super Hydrate & Charge Your Cells on an ongoing basis according to your daily bodily needs without swallowing supplements.

It’s like rebooting your body.


We’ll find out if ….

Are there any  contraindications to the Tri-Vortex Technology Items?

How long do the Tri-Vortex Technology items hold their “charge.”

Why does the Tri-Vortex Technology items improve the smell, taste and absorption of liquids and solid foods and provide pain relief?

How long should a Tri-Vortex Technology item be used to relieve pain?

Should I still take my vitamins, minerals and nutrients when wearing the Tri-Vibes?

Will the effectiveness of any Tri-Vortex Technology item be altered or neutralized by exposure to heat, cold, microwaves or airport security X-Rays?




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