Interview with Brian Hall (May 17, 2010)

Brian Hall is an inspiration to watch as he shares his ongoing RICH experiences about subjects that may not have touched your life to date. This is Brian’s 10th anniversary as producer and creator of the Conspiracy Con X Convention which is a Masterpeace at work and you will not want to miss it!  We will be recapping with Brian the Conference that just happened the beginning of this month.

He has a bold and serious approach to serious issues, where he has dedicated his life to providing a forum for those who say what few are willing to say and has facilitated it in a learning atmosphere of Goodwill, Integrity and Fun.

Each year he has brought together some of the most controversial speakers in the world gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area held at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. to share their knowledge of many different issues (rarely or never addressed by our controlled media), which profoundly affects us all.

Some of the subjects covered were: Suppressed Knowledge, Mind Control, Secret Societies, Shadow Government, The Federal Reserve, 9-11, Occult Technologies, New World Order, etc.

How does one begin to share these findings with others after you have been exposed and enlightened? … “Delicately” is the answer here, for another’s world may not have had the opportunities to investigate so fully. Remember you are looking for observable FACTS regarding: UFO phenomenon,  government cover-ups, books, seminars, documentaries, etc.

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