Interview with Brian McClure (10/16/2008)

A book in the making along with a TV special!

To set the stage with our upcoming interview with Brian, it will dove tail with Michael Langevin’s interview we did on 10/2/08.

When I called Brian to confirm our upcoming interview and to ask if there was anything new he wanted to talk about on our show. He shared a little of his trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone Africa. His voice came through with so much passion. He said, “This trip changed my life.” It sounded to me as if he is still integrating the experience of this trip as his voice cracked with emotion several times.

I mentioned Michael’s previous comment that “the trip was very intense.” And Brian said that “that was an understatement.” As there was no way anyone could have prepared them for what they saw and felt from the people.

Dr. Patricia Jennings did a reading for Brian before his trip. He said his guides were really pushing for him to go on this trip, and that it would become a pivotal point in his life. After the reading she found out where he was going and said, “On a personal note, I really think it might be too dangerous for you to go on this journey as the U.S. Government gave travel warnings for this part of Africa.”

Brian knew he had to proceed on his journey. After returning from his trip his heart had no other place to go but to share the soul of these incredible people. Brian said, “the people of this land are so real and so in tune.” I believe I know what he means by this comment, but maybe I don’t. We will find out in his upcoming interview. Brian is writing a book about this trip and plans on making a T.V. special.

Brian is the founder of a non-profit foundation, “The Universal Flag, Dedicated to
spreading the Truth of Who We Are.” People like Dr. Wayne Dyer and James Twyman completely support the work of this foundation. The Universal Flag is the first symbol created that embraces everyone and everything.

Brian also produces and hosts his own radio show “A Call to Consciousness Radio.”

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