Interview with Christine Hoeflich (March 31, 2011)

Can anyone activate your own inner guidance system for you? No, this is not possible–you must do this for yourself. And that’s because your higher self would never in a million years cheat you out of the incredible experience of doing this for yourself! If you don’t experience this firsthand, you will not know who you really are. So it’s time to awaken!

There’s a lot of advice going around about what you must do to prepare for 2012 (Ascension). Many experts are contemplating what events will occur in this 2012 timeframe, but the truth is–outer events are secondary to what will happen within you and what you do regarding your higher self’s plan.

In other words: Will you fulfill your unique role in the divine plan?

Many questions are floating about like: Will the poles shift? Will the economy collapse? Will beings from other planets land? Such questions are indeed interesting, but they are the effects of universal law and divine plan. To be more effective in this world, you must gain a greater awareness of the divine plan–which happens when you reconnect to and integrate with your higher self. So, what is the number one thing you must do to “prepare” for 2012? … The number one thing to do is to cultivate a relationship with your higher self. This connects you to your inner guidance system and activates a consciousness shift within you, which will guide you on your contribution at this very unique and important time in humanity’s history. Everything else will be secondary!

Everyone must awaken themselves. I know this because it’s what I experienced. I experienced the  struggle of trying to connect, the courage it takes to follow through, the level of clarity and accuracy required for it to work well, and then eventually, the most awe-inspiring realizations and revelations that anyone who wishes to enter into the Golden Age must experience.

I have been mentored by the Counsel of Light–those beings who guide us when we create our life plans before we incarnate–and distilled what I have learned in a 70-page eBook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide to Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity. This incredible book helps others go through this integration process as quickly and easily as possible.

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