Interview with Constance S. Rodriguez, Ph.D. (06/19/2008)

Interview with Constance S. Rodriguez, Ph.D., on 06/19/2008.

Imagine using mystical wisdom to enrich your life on a daily basis. An expert in soul-journeying, Dr. Rodriguez shows how to use the subtle energy body as a tool to explore consciousness and self awareness in the universal dimensions she calls the Mystic Realms. There are three psychonoetic keys and sixteen powerful exercises you will learn to use to seek guidance from many different directions: spirit guides, nature spirits, past lives, dreams and many shamanic practices.

Among the many gifts you will receive you will find life-changing insights into everyday problems and past traumas, sharpened intuition, greater energy and better health are just a few of the many benefits you’ll gain when you look for answers within the realms of your soul.

“Constance Rodriguez is a sensitive, aware of many levels of reality, both visible and invisible. Her work with the concept of entering thresholds consciously to find the messages hidden in the quiet coincide with everything I know about the way intuition develops. It is in these in-between states that we meet ourselves, unencumbered by the masks of personality, and can suspend the limiting perceptual habits that keep us blinded to knowing how real our higher potential can be. This is an interesting Book!”
–Penny Peirce, Author of the Intuitive Way, The Present Moment & Dreams for Dummies

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  1. First time at your site, I was direted to this site to listen to Dr. Constance Rodriguez. I am disappointed to see that said interview is gone. Please can you email me link to your interview achive where the June 16. 2008 is. Incidentally I ran into her new book Gifts of the SOUL and am very intrigued and fascinated by it – just finish the 1st 2 chapters.

    Look forward to hearing from you asap


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